Chapter 1

"You're not actually going out like that are you?"

"What's wrong with what i'm wearing?" 15 year old Sara Thomas turned around facing her mom.

"What's wrong with it? What's wrong with it? You look like trash."

"Excuse me?" Sara looked at her mom suprised. She was wearing a pair of black jeans that had holes in them, a huge white t-shirt, & sneakers. "I don't see anything wrong with what i'm wearing."

"Well of course you don't."

"What's that supposed to mean."

"Well you always think that you look fine when you really don't. You never believe me when I say that you look terrible."

Sara looks at her mom with an angry look on her face. "You say that about everything I wear. What of my clothes don't you hate?"

"What about that adorable sweater that grandma gave you for Christmas last year? That's so cute." She pulls it out of her closet & shows it to her. "See isn't it cute? Why does it have dust on it?"

"That thing is so ugly. It has a rainbow. It's also pink with sparkles. The reason it has dust on it is because it has been in the back of my closet ever since she sent it to me. I hate it."

"It looks a little small. Oh well. We can stretch it out a little bit. Wait you hate it?" She looks at Sara suprised. "But you said that you liked it. Actually, you really didn't say anything, but I took that you liked it."

"Well obviously you were wrong. I didn't say anything because 1. I didn't know what to say & 2. I didn't want to hurt grandma's feeling. So let her think that I liked it when I really didn't like it. There is no way that we are going to stretch it out because I'll never wear it."

"Where are you going today anyway?"

"Tom's taking me to a football game."

"Why don't you wear something a little more, um, suitable for a date. How about a skirt?' her digs around in her closet.

"Get out of my closet besides the last time he took me to a game this is what I wore. He didn't care he said that I looked nice. He was kinda dressed the same way. I didn't care." Sara looks at herself in the mirror. "I guess i'll change my top. Maybe i'll wear my 'Lakewood Lancers' t-shirt. It'll be perfect for a football game against Polly." She takes it out of closet. "Mom could you leave the room so that I can change?"

"Fine. I guess that looks better, But you could wear your flip-flops instead of your sneakers."

"I can pick out my clothes on my own. I'm a big girl. Now leave." She shoves her mom out of the room. She changes her shirt, puts her flip-flops on, grabs her jacket, & leaves. "I swear she bugs me so much sometimes. God, I don't know why she doesn't just leave me alone about my clothes. She was with me when I picked them out. i don't see why she didn't just object then instead of now. Oh well." She walks to school where she meets up with Tom. They sit & watch the game.

2 hours later

The Lancers win 45-43. The 2 of them leave the school.

"That was a good game. So whatcha wanna do now. How about we go out for a burger."

"Sure." Sara answers him, but isn't very sure (She doesn't make it sound obvious)

"What's wrong baby?" Tom puts his arms around her pulling her close to him.

"Nothing hon." She tells him even though she's not entirely sure.

"Are you sure? I mean we can go out for something else if you want to." Tom asks her.

"No burgers are fine with me. Really." Sara tells him. She starts to think (where will I throw it up? I can throw it up in the park or in the backyard. I just can't let him hear or know about it. I love him & I don't want to loose him.)

They go out for burgers. Tom scarfs his down while Sara stares at him.

"What is it baby? Do I have something on my face or something?"


"Then why are you staring at me? is something wrong? You haven't touched your burger yet." Tom asks questionably.

"No nothings wrong, just thinking." She takes her burger & starts eating it without thinking. She starts to think (What are you doing? Wait, you can just throw it up later. Okay you can eat it, but don't forget to throw it up later or else.)

After they finish their meal Tom dropps Sara off at home. After he drives off she checks to make sure no one is in the house She then goes into the bathroom, closes it, turns the water on just in case someone comes home, liftes the tolit seat up, & throws up the burger, fries & vanilla milk-shake. She flushes the tolit & goes into her room & turns on the t.v. She hears someone come home, she turns off the t.v. & starts doing homework.

"Sara, are you home?"

"Yah i'm home. I've been home for awhile." Sara calls back to her mom.

"Oh okay. I brought home a pizza for dinner. Come & get a piece."

"I already ate. Tom & I went out for burgers. Besides, I have tons of homework to do."

"Oh okay. Well if you get hungry the offer will be good for the night. I can never finish a whole pizza by myself. It's just way too much for me."

(Thinking to herself) "I got out of dinner. That was so easy. I think i'll go to a friend's house everyday then tell my mom that I already ate at that person's house. It's so simple. I didn't know it was this simple."

12:00 Midnight

Sara gets out of bed hugry & comes down for a snack. "I wonder if there's any pizza left. I'm starving." She sees the pizza & shows a piece in her mouth. "Yum! Maybe just one more piece." Instead of 1 more piece she has 3 more pieces. When she figures out how much she's eaten she goes into the backyard & quietly throws up. She kicks some leaves over it & some dirt. "That should do it. Now no one will know what I did. Besides no one could hear me unless they had really good hearing." She goes back to bed.

11:00 am (the next day)

She feels someone shaking her & opens her eyes. She sees her mom standing over her. "What is it mom?"

"Did you get up last night & have a mid night snack?"

"Why do you ask?"

"Because when I got up this morning & went to the kitchen to get breakfast, I noticed the pizza box on the counter empty."

"Yah I got hungry last night. Sorry."

"It's okay. I told you that you could have a piece if you wanted 1 or a few. I didn't care."

"Okay." Her mom leaves the room & Sara gets dressed. Sara thinks to herself (good I didn't get caught. I'm getting good at this.) She laughs to herself. She goes into her bathroom, closes the door, & weighs herself. The scale says 120 lbs. "Just 20 more lbs to loose. It will be so easy. I'll look so hot when I loose all this baby fat. I look so terrible now, but not for long. I shall have the legs i've always dreamed of having. Actually i'll have the body i've dreamed of having for so long. Life will be so great when that happens." She gets off the scale & leaves.