The darkness comes for me.

I feel it.

Coming, gaining on me.

I struggle, knowing it is useless.

The dark cloud will once again engulf me.

Coloring my thoughts, actions.

Coming, gaining on me.

My head hurts from my struggles.

No smile graces my face; everything is dull.

I want to be happy run, play, and be merry in the sun.

But it won't let me.

Coming, gaining on me.

This dark cloud of mine, a familiar bane that always returns.

No one knows my struggle.

The face I put on has them all fooled

Or maybe they simply don't care,

This dark cloud that they refuse to see.

Coming, gaining on me.

Nothing will make me happy

Once the cloud catches me.

The darkness will overtake my life.

Forcing me to be its willing victim

Coming, gaining on me

My arms will feel like lead.

No energy, so tired

No way to fight it.

So worn down that I barely struggle,

As it takes over my life once again.

I look out of my eyes a stranger.

Its here