I got kinda bored so I thought I'd start another story. Just telling you now that this will NOT be shounen-ai, slash, or anything like that. There will be a lot of hinting at it but it won't happen. Just clarifying that now. Please review and tell me if it sux so far or if it's ok. Thanks!

Chapter 1

"Kamikuro-sama, this looks pretty bad! We've gotta get you to a hospital before you bleed to death!" said a very frantic looking boy with deep blue eyes. He hurriedly removed the backpack he'd been carrying and unzipped it, then started rumaging for some bandages. "I know I've got some-"

"Quiet!" came a harsh whisper beside him. "Do you wanna get us killed or what?"

The blue-eyed boy stopped going through the bag and looked at his companion. "But, your arm-"

"Nevermind my arm! You just keep your trap shut."

"But...Yes, Kamikuro-sama..."

They waited for a moment, both glancing around nervously. Their hiding place behind a large rock wasn't very comforting, considering the fact that they could hear an army of footsteps coming towards them. If they didn't act at the precise time, they'd be full of bullet holes within seconds. The footsteps were getting .

Without even thinking about it the man called Kamikuro cocked his gun, eyes the color of dried blood narrowing as he listened to the approaching footfalls. The boy behind him merely bit his lower lip, knowing that if he did so much as breathe at the wrong time he'd ruin their chances of surviving this time. Kamikuro-sama needed absolute silence right now.

The sound of boots crunching on the dead leaves underneath them suddenly stopped inches away from the rock they were hiding behind. Kamikuro took this chance, and with the reflexes of a cat, he came out from behind the rock and pulled the trigger. Once...twice...After that the blue-eyed boy lost count because the shots were so fast that he couldn't keep up. One bullet after another sped through the air, finding its target in an unfortunate enemy, and tearing them in drenched the muddy ground as Kamikuro kept firing. In minutes the last of them dropped to the blood soaked earth with a strangled cry.

Kamikuro, seeing that the job was done, replaced his gun back into its holster without a word.

Meanwhile the blue-eyed boy came out from behind the rock and stared dismally at the scene. "They didn't even get a chance to fire at you. Amazing..." he said quietly. He jerked his head up, as if suddenly remembering something. "Kamikuro-sama! Your arm! I forgot-"

"It's fine." Kamikuro said, not bothering to look at him. His arm was still bleeding profusely from a bullet wound he'd gotten earlier. "I don't want you touching me anyway. I'll fix it myself."

"Oh, right. Sorry, Kamikur-"

"And stop calling me by my last name! It's annoying!" the man snapped, causing the boy to wince.

"Sorry, Kami-I mean Sano-sama."

"Keitaro..." Sano said irritably, clutching his forehead.

"Yes, Sano-sama?" Keitaro came a little closer, careful not to get too close.

Sano glared at him. "Drop the damn sama shit, will ya? I'm getting a headache."

"Ah, right, sorry! Sorry!" the boy said, bowing.


They hadn't been walking for long, but Sano was once again aware of the boy following behind him at a safe distance. It annoyed him to have to drag a kid around with him, slowing him down, but what choice did he have? The kid had been assigned to babysit him, at least that's what Sano thought of it as. A kid younger than he was...was babysitting him! Talk about aggravating!

Oh well, he thought, maybe the next time we get into a fight I'll use him as a shield. Heh.

he thought,


Sano frowned at the voice. "What?"

"Um, are you sure you're ok? Did the bleeding stop yet?" Keitaro asked meekly.

"Huh?" Sano glanced down at his arm, which he'd wrapped himself with a torn piece of his cloak. The black fabric was already wet with his blood. "Yeah, I think so." he mumbled, knowing this was a lie. He forced back a wave of dizziness and shook his head. How much blood had he lost?

Keitaro remained quiet as they made their way down the dirt road they'd found a few hours ago. He hoped they would find a town or a city soon, because Sano's wound was bothering him more then it did Sano. He remembered feeling a little sick when Sano had removed the bullet from his arm himself, not even wincing at the pain it had to have caused him. Keitaro would've rather he let him do it, but Sano was as stubborn as a mule and wouldn't let him help.

Kamikuro Sano was quite famous throughout this world. He was known mostly for his trademark black cloak that made him look even wickeder then he really was. His dark brown hair was cut so that it hung over his ears and eyes in a stylish way. But one thing everyone knew about him was that he was a half-demon, and he had the blood red eyes to show for it.

Always at his side was a long black sword said to be made of pure Dragons Bone, his favorite weapon. The blade was coated with a special substance that kept it razor sharp, and on the hilt was an assortment of rubies and silver. Keitaro had yet to see him use the deadly sword, and instead he seemed to like using his gun. The gun he used was unlike any Keitaro had ever seen, so he assumed it had been custom made.

"Sano, can I ask you a question?" Keitaro asked, wanting to break the overwhelming silence.

A heavy sigh was heard. "Yes, Keitaro, what is it?"

"I was wondering why those men were after you."

"You weren't told?" Sano sounded angry, but Keitaro thought he caught a hint of confusion in his voice as well.

"Not all of it. Just that a man named Namura Hideo was after you. Those were his men before, weren't they?"

"Yeah." Sano took something out of his pocket, which Keitaro knew to be a pack of cigarettes, and shook one out. He stopped walking and offered him one, but the boy shook head and said no thanks. "Suit yourself." the brown-haired man said, putting a cigarette between his lips and lighting it.

"So, why is this guy after you?"

Sano took a long drag of the cigarette. "I met him one time. He's an asshole. When he first started to persue me, I thought he wanted me dead. But, after I met him," he paused to smirk at Keitaro, "I found out that he's a queer asshole."

"Eh?!" Keitaro blinked in confusion. "You don't mean he-"

"The bastard had the nerve to hit on me. Gross, right?"

"But why?"

"How the hell should I know? He thinks that just 'cause he's one of the most powerful men in this world he can have whatever he wants." Sano scowled and put out his cigarette. "I hate people like that."

"What're you going to do?"

Sano looked up sharply. "What the hell do you think I'm gonna do, kid? I'm gonna kill any of his men that try to catch me. There's no way in hell I'll..." He glared at the ground for a moment, then looked back up at Keitaro. "I don't wanna talk about it anymore. Let's keep moving. My damned arm's driving me completely bugshit."

Keitaro watched Sano start to walk again before following.