From behind you a seven car train
Comes rushing forward
Enclosing you in the golden light
That glows around the edges of your body as the train nears and
As you cry out for the aid of a hero
The vibrations in your voice start a landslide
And you cannot dodge the rocks that
Fall inches from your skull and cause you to
Cover your ears when they crash to the ground
And create an echo that ricochets
Through the tunnel
Even after you have existed
And you cannot break away or be heard or rescued
So the shine framing you
(Turning you into a mid-afternoon
pastime frozen on a canvas) increases as the
Headlights of the train make contact with your delicate flesh
And you die knowing that your story will someday serve as
A psychiatrist's dream

I offer to walk with you across the sea
Around noon when the sun is out because your parents were so pale
You will let the smell of cigarettes
Air from your collared shirt
As you admit to me that your problems
Were never really problems at all!

Since you have been gone there is
Nothing to face but the truth that is
Tied up on the tracks
With you

Tied up on the tracks
You have become a familiar photograph
That I took to remember you by and
Now keep on my office desk