Engulfed in the Pure Light, I Lose Myself

By Kokeshi088

A/N: This is my only true (if not a bit weird) fear. It is also unintentionally religious, if you can see where religion can be applied in this poem. I really did have dreams of that light when I was little girl, and I have been afraid of it since. People keep on saying that they are afraid of being engulfed in darkness, but I fear the opposite: being engulfed in light. By the way, I was listening to the Tales of Symphonia Ending Credits music while I wrote this poem; I think it may have made an impact on the tone.

Unlike others, I don't fear an engulfing shadow

Swallowing me up into eternal darkness

I don't fear such a thing, I don't worry

I fear a light, instead, blinding my eyes

Swallowing my body, my eyes widen in its light

And I scream in a white silence, nobody hears me cry

I have had dreams of this since I was a small child

I have forever been paralyzed in fear of an eternal light

Light cannot exist without shadow I believe, and so

A shadow-less light will only destroy me

As it swallows me up in my silent screams, I cry

Into my insanity, I see no beginning or end

I raise my arm to see if I reach, but, the light!

Alas, it is too bright! The white has swallowed my body

And I cannot see my own hand, and then I scream silently

I fear a pure light that takes away my body

I lose myself, and when I scream, there is no noise

These were the nightmares of my childhood years

I never understood why everyone was so afraid of darkness

At least you are afloat; at least you know there is an end

In darkness when it comes, there is no light, it exists

Turn out the lights; you shall see what I mean

But this light has scared me away

I curled up in my room after such nightmares

I am happy the world is as it is

Because I feared that this engulfing light

Would take me away long ago

What I wondered is why people are not afraid of light

Where there is light, shed a little darkness, will you?

Then, the world is complete, so sane, and I am happy

I saw a world where there is life, and then I stopped fearing

Because there was a little darkness and shadow everywhere I went

The world was engulfed, by neither light nor darkness

The world was truly filled with life, and this life now is sane

I see the world today and I smile

My childhood nightmares are only dreams, such a thing, will never come

That is what I think