Nobody On the Back Porch
"Nobody left to burry here... Nobody left to dig the holes." -DMB; One Sweet World

Down the back hall I walked
Until I reached the window
Peered outside into the dark
Where I could see falling snow
Realization hit me fast
As the moon was lit like a torch
Burning embers of a fire dead
There was Nobody on the back porch
The Devil's wind whispers in my ear
The killer had killed and from here fled
With fear embedened in their soul
Not a single tear had been shed
Who was this reaper, who came with flames
The bodies of my loved ones scorched
I feel the contradicting cool of ice
As I stand with Nobody on the back porch
Unforgivable crime, to steal their lives
For no reason I could see
But finely written in my unconcious heart
I knew the killer had been me
What had I become, an animal?
One option left for me to do
On the back porch I see the stars
Finding that I am now Nobody too