A/N: This was inspired by roses. So elegant and beautiful, like ladies in the 19th century, hiding their feelings, only showing what people what they want to see.

Faded Rose

Everyone tells me I'm beautiful.

I am.

My cheeks are rosy,

My hair shiny,

My eyes bright,

My lips full and pink.

Everyone says my life is great.

It is.

Friends laugh with me

along the way.

My parents catch me,

at the bottom of every cliff.

But when I'm alone





Run through my veins

But I relish in it.

Spread it on thick

I can't help myself

It just smells, tastes, looks right.

It's a high.

Covered in this twisted angst,

I feel safe.

I don't feel misunderstood

I don't feel alone

Until it takes me away

It's uncontrollable.

It's a drug.

I was beautiful.

Now I'm only a

faded rose.