Blimp Boy

There was once a boy who was thin as a rake

He wouldn't eat a thing that his poor mother did make.

She tried string spaghetti, meatballs and rice

But whatever she made he claimed "wasn't nice!"

She had tried drips and even force feeding

But her heavy handedness resulted in bleeding

The final straw had been plucked, that was it

She gave up on her boy and started to knit

Then Late one night his stomach did rumble

He got out of bed and went outside with a grumble

And there in the light of the silvery moon

Was some small child's stray red balloon

He opened his mouth and gulped the thing whole

The rubbery texture was like a shoe's sole

It squeaked as it brushed his oesophagus walls

And settled in his stomach like a big round ball.

The boy felt full and a little bit funny

For the balloon seemed to inflate inside his small tummy

Then with a breeze His feet left the ground

He floated on high never again to be found

He became a story about a boy who ate shrimp

Who was so allergic he swelled up like a blimp

And forever he floats where uncertainty lies

Never to return lost to the skies.