I smiled as I glanced across the room. Then I frowned as I watched my worst enemy throw herself all over Dan, my best friend. I recently concluded that it was very, very had to resist the urge to throw my arms around him, pull him close, tell him I love him, and kiss him. Of course, I'm a big fat chicken, and he's dating my worst enemy, Valerie or Val Viatone, or as people call her Vi Vi or Vi. I just hate her because its easy, that and she was a total biatch.

"Hey Sammy." I heard a high pitched squeaky voice say and I looked up to see Vi.

"Well, speak of the devil." I mumbled just low enough for her to muss what I said.

"What was that?" She questioned me. I loved how she would believe anything that said.

"O nothing, What do you need?" I said so sugar coated, even George Bush could tell that I hated her.

"Well," she said sweetly "Dan wanted to know if…" I suddenly looked up to see what she was going to say.

"He wanted to know if you could baby sit his sister so we can go on a date." She said Pretty damn fast. But because she had to work out all the words and think about it, I caught every word she said. I was so sick and tired of watching his sister so he could go on dates with Val. I did it every weekend, it got annoying. His sister is 9, and I'm 15. and I love that she looks up to me, but I feel that she is very annoying. I can never finish my homework when she's around, she constantly calls for attention, and I cant give it to her.

"Hell no! I always watch his sister. Tell him to get someone else to do it!" I hollered at her. I just stormed off to sit with a few other people. I grinned looking back at her. The look of shock on her face was golden. It was very satisfying. I couldn't believe that she was so shocked. What did they expect me to watch Miranda all the time, I mean this was his sister.


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