The Girl in the Mirror

The girl that you see is a pitiful case
A smile on her lips seems so out of place
Her eyebrows are arched in permanent glare
Her eyes hold an intrusive and curious stare
What is she thinking, no one knows her direction
But you know exactly…because this girl's your reflection

A stranger to yourself after all these years
Under eye circles darkened with fears
Skin erupting with boiling hate
Posture has adopted a slumped over gait
A self-esteem lower than the soles of your feet
This reflection is one you hoped never to meet

You don't even know what you want anymore
Or is it just something you'll never afford
You can't even look at yourself in the eye
If you don't love yourself, how could someone else try?

So why do you stare at the girl in the mirror
You're only watching her flaws become clearer
Don't stare at her too long or you'll make her cry
If you let yourself hate her you're living a lie

So now you've made peace with the girl in the mirror
You embrace her and console her, rather than fear her
And now when the both of you are broken and cry
Someone can love you both at the same time