A/N: Okay, this one repeats a lot of themes from my other poems, I couldn't think of much. But whatever. Enjoy!


The sun brings the colors that few men can see,

In darkest of night all the light can fly free.

When the ground is unsteady then spread out your wings,

The calm will return when the crystal bell rings.

At summertime's end there will always be fall,

They rarely exist, who ignore its bright call,

Shimmering silence with secrets untold,

Tread carefully, softly; dare not to be bold.


A/N: I think I have to stop writing these for awhile, because I keep churning out the same stuff. I'm not getting any new ideas. Maybe I'll write one with like 400 lines, and keep adding to it, and then take my favorite lines and stick them together. Anyway, don't expect updates unless I get a million reviews asking for it (which you have to admit is unlikely ).