AN: This is my latest story. It takes place in the future. This one is a very serious toned lovestory, so you may not like it as much as my others. It's about an android who is installed with an E-Chip (emotional chip). She somehow gets discarded after being presumed as a malfunctioning unit. Before getting discarded she meets a Romeo typeandroid (Explained in first chapter). For some reason the e-chip activates and she has instant emotions forthe romeo android. After being discarded she vowed to herself to find that one Romeo android who she has fallen in love is an amazing tale of android love.

Juliet 2120

Introducing The line of Juliets and romeos, the new household servant androids. They can clean, take care of children and shop for you and your family. Hurry and orders yours today!

Sav co. The company for robotic and technological engineering. Welcome to the futureā€¦

Chapter one

"Everyone in line please. We will began handing out your ordered androids. Please be patient!"

There was a great big line in front of the local Sav Co. store. The store was huge. It was the largest building (not tallest) in Neo New York. There were literally thousands of customers waiting impatiently for a box with their name on it. It was complete catastrophe in downtown Neo New York.

There were flying cars passing by the huge crowd in front of the store.

Flying busses and taxies were stopping letting customers off, which added on to the crowd. It was early morning around 0700 hours (6:00am). The store didn't open for another half hour. Still the crowds kept coming, it was insane at the outcome.

Today was the big day that the new Romeos and Juliets came out. They were house androids. They were unveiled about two months ago. Ever since the unveiling there were commercials and everyone in Alpha America wanted one. They were being preordered like mad. They look and feel like real humans. They were robotic androids that were created to serve families and businesses. They were there to replace the need of week servants and to solve the problem of inexperienced workers. They were made to economize Alpha America and it's families.

The Romeos and Juliets were already being sold overseas. Alpha Japan was the first to sell them. Of course they altered them to fit their ways and standards, but the originals definitely came from Alpha America. Sav Co. Was the company who planned and produced them. They were the main inventors and distributors.

The Romeos were male androids and the Juliets were female androids. Each android looked different. They had different hair, eyes, and body types. They were made to the specifications of the customer (If they were preordered of course). There were Romeos and Juliets that were being sold in Sav Co. stores. These androids were made without specifications of customers, but they come with programmable disks to load what ever task you wish for your Romeo or Juliet to do.

Finally it was time for the store to open. As soon as the doors were unlocked. A huge wave of people came running inside. They immediately reported to the layaway section, which was a very large warehouse in the back of the Sav Co. store. The crowds swarmed onto the checkout counters. Mass pandemonium broke out everywhere. Everyone was screaming and yelling about packages, and everyone was waving their layaway tickets in the air. It looked just like the Neo New York stock market floor.

Finally after the crowd died down a bit, it was about time to close. Sav Co. closes at 2200 (10:00 pm). Pick up orders last all week, so the store had another week of this crowd pushing and shoving fiasco.