Chapter five

"Thanks for fixing my android on such short notice!"

"It's okay Mr. Berns, I don't mind, besides that's what I'm paid for! You have a good evening!"

It was closing time for the local android repair store. This was the most popular android repair store in the city. Nicholas Selles, one of the top computer repairmen, was to close the shop alone tonight. It was winter in Neo New York, and it would be a long drive home.

He lived alone on the outskirts of Neo New York. His house was a very nice one with a large yard. He liked the country as opposed to the muggy foggy city. It was about an hour drive to his home from the store. His love of technology kept him close to the city. He loved computers and technology. When the new Romeo and Juliet androids came out he was on top of the game. He studied about the circuitry and other aspects of the androids. He was top in his field. He was paid a very nice amount of money for his work, so he was definitely happy with his career path.

He closed the doors of the store and armed the security system with his remote. He walked around to the parking lot where his Sky car 3000 was parked.

He liked to drive past the most famous part of Neo New York, the business district. That's where all kinds of famous businesses and embassies were. There was the W.E. headquarters (World Electrical), and there was the Fasco consulate where medical breakthroughs were being found everyday. One of Nicholas's favorite buildings was the SavCo. Embassy building. It was huge, not as big as its distributor store on the other side of Neo New York, but this building was tall. It was a very beautiful building built completely out of marble. It had huge letters stretched across the front saying SavCo. Embassy. It was an amazing site to see.

Nicholas slowed down as he drove past it. It was truly a marvel. He rounded the building until he reached the back, where the trash receptacles were. He looked out his window as he drove past the trash. His gaze fell upon a large box.

It was big enough to fit a body in. Nicholas was curious as to what it could be. He pulled his car over so no one could see him. He got out and walked over to the box. It was taped pretty tight. He got out a pocketknife and cut the tape.

He ripped open the box. He had to dig through packing foam to see the form inside.

"What the hell?" He said into cold night air. Could this be what he thinks it is?

The box was lying on the floor in front of his couch. This truly was an amazing find. It took him well over half an hour to get the thing in his car. It was extremely heavy. When he got home he had to drag it into his home. The living room was as far as his strength would take it, so he just set it down in front of his couch.

He opened the box again and cleared out the packing foam. As to why anyone would throw out an android was beyond him. These things cost a fortune! Everyone wanted one, not to mention it was wasting a lot of expensive parts. From what he could tell this android was a custom made one.

He dragged the lifeless android out of the box and set her on the couch. As usual she was extremely heavy. She was very beautiful; she was unlike any android he had ever encountered. All the other generic androids he had worked with had blue eyes; none of them that he knew of had green eyes. Her hair was chestnut brown and her cheeks were rosy red. She was wearing a pale pink dress. It was a very nice one, like maids would wear.

Should he return this unit or maybe sell it? Well first things first, could he fix it? He looked her over from head to toe to see if she had any outside damage. He didn't see anything wrong, so he pushed her on button. She booted up and opened her eyes.

"Hello? Are you alright?" He asked her as she sat up.

She looked around. Where was she? This wasn't the trash dump, was it?

"What is your name?" He asked.

"Juliet 01." She replied.

"Juliet 01 eh? Do you even like that name."? He asked sarcastically knowing that all androids are indifferent to their names.

"No, I do not. It's a very plain name."

Nicholas's eyes widened. "What, you don't like it? That's odd."

"Why is it odd?" Juliet 01 asked.

"Well androids usually don't have opinions on things, well at least not names."

"I wish to have a different one." She said looking at him.

"Well okay sure, I'm not real good at names, so let's try…Laura?

"No" Juliet said.

"Okay maybe…Flora?"


"Here's a good one, Sophia."

"I like that name. Can that be name then? Sophia?"

"Well of course it can."

This was very awkward. Did he just have a civilized conversation with an android? And did she ask for a different name? What was going on here?

"Juliet...I mean Sophia. Are you damaged?

"They said I was a malfunctioning unit."


"Savannah Micronis."

Savannah Micronis? The owner of SavCo.? This was very strange. This Juliet model came directly from Savannah Micronis?

"How are you malfunctioning."

"I don't know."

"Can you do a scan of your hard drive and unit stability?"

"No, I don't want to."

Okay this Juliet model was now disagreeing with a direct order. This was starting to get really creepy and odd. How can Juliet models disagree with direct orders. They were made to heed every command as long as it wasn't harmful to others. And doing a scan was definitely not harmful. What was up with this unit?

While Nicholas was in a trance thinking about the Juliet model android, Sophia got up and walked over to one of his windows. She stared out the window at the snow falling down in his very nice backyard.

"I must find Romeo 20. Romeo 20, the one I love."