: : : : : : : : Writer's Block : : : : : : :

Too many thoughts to capture

On a single Intake of knowledge

It is impossible to guide your fingers

Swift enough

To write the words of rapture

Before one feeling is replaced by another

Writing with only a thread of motivation

Is like running face first into my own dismay

Guided by my shuffling feet

And blinded passion

Only to trip on the shadow of my consciousness

And losing the words

Before they truly begin.

I try to start from scratch

But the only scratch I find

Are from pen marks scribbling my frustration

Across my ink-stained paper

The most infuriating

Tedious ailment to plague me

If only I could be plagued

Without the barrier to my soul blocked

So I can write the pain of the

Writer's Block

Without destroying my mind

Or my pen in the process