This Ride

As our worlds pull apart

they grow ever closer

old bonds forever broken

new bonds forged

weaving our friendships tighter together

Each unique in our own ways

Our love for each other

deepens each day


Awe inspiring moments

Surreal with my three companions

so amazing

time really files when we have fun

what fun we have had

a nonstop roller coaster ride

One in which I am ready to depart

Oh how our lives have changed

Mirror images of the summers' days

These Friendships

I pray, will withstand the sands of the hourglass

sharing our antics

with the children of our blood

how embarrassed and foolish it will all seem

those times will be embraced with joy

and spoke of with laughter

for these were the days in which we embraced

This Ride

so very far from over

we may change rides

But together we will always ride