I'm sick of writing serious stuff and my muse has run away

With the bloody milkman much to my dismay!

So Here's a simple poem about films that inspire me

The rhyming will be juvenile just you wait and see

The first a tale of whim and woe It really is depressing

Its about a guy with scissor hands and a talent for hairdressing

A tale of fun and humour until gasp! queue the girl

A story of forbidden love and tragedy will unfurl

The next a film that by god everyone has seen

A film about some hobbits and a murderous bitch queen

Oh wait there's no queen in it, I think it's a dark lord.

And his ring of power into which his malice has been poured

The ring caused so much trouble it had to be destroyed

But Isildour wouldn't do it, so agent smith got annoyed

Hold on he's from the matrix, another film that rocks

When trinity's all like "dodge this" on top of those tower blocks

Plus she's wearing leather which always makes me drool

And although keano can't really act even he is cool

But not as cool as the bride when she's kicking ass

Swinging, killing chopping her sword technique is class!

But when she killed bill with that five point palm technique

Even I had to admit that idea was quite weak…

Now onto Donnie darko a film by Richard Kelly

This film is so amazing my legs did turn to jelly

So very thought provoking, do tangent worlds exist?

At first I didn't understand , was there something that I'd missed?

How about Moulin rouge? A musical masterpiece!

Spectacular ,spectacular and that's to say the least

Ok I'm gonna say it macho-ness aside

wasn't it heartbreaking when Satine went and died?

Never have I cried so much, except when I saw Big fish

WHAT? The movie is sad ok! A dying father gets his wish!

His estranged son and he finally find some common ground

A 'big fish' of a tale in Technicolor and Dolby surround sound.

Ok I'm getting technical and my momentum is kind of wavering

To be totally honest I've run out of films that really are worth savouring

So now I'll close the curtains on my blockbuster of a movie rant

I really hoped you liked it as much as Bridget likes Hugh grant.

But count your chickens, you never know, if my muse is still away

I may come back for a sequel one uninspiring and rainy day