In a galaxy gripped by war, how much power does the twassecc empire really hold? Can an outcasted cyborg and a brilliant soldier expose the treachery and stop a terrible event from unfolding?

Technically it seems only fair to mention a pair of diminutive, hyperactive reptiles, a gigantic, intellectual mammal, and a deadly beast of an archaeologist are along for the ride too, but it didn't fit in the introduction space. Anyway, this is a partnership story by myself and a friend of mine (let's call him 'Tobar'). It takes place in a fictitious galaxy, entirely separated from the Milky Way. No humans at all.

The galaxy is gripped by a massive war between the twasseccs and the ure, though this story only uses the war as a backdrop, focusing more closely on the personal lives of non-military beings, as well as the enormous cultural and societal consequences of the war, even in a relatively peaceful and unaffected planet with little real action. If you're into battle, however, you shan't be disappointed, as there is no shortage of violence in this story, especially towards the end.

If you read any part of this story and you like it/hate it/want to send us a cash donation, please review! We'd love to hear from you, even if you're just going to tell us that we ripped off Star Wars (which we didn't, but believe what you want). Though we'd appreciate any review at all, we're most interested in learning how easy the story is to follow. We describe a lot of aliens and their societies, and some parts are fairly thick with description. We've tossed these ideas around quite a bit and understand them quite well, but it's hard, sometimes, to get them across to those new to our little galaxy.

If, for whatever reason, you're interested in learning a bit more about our universe (we swear, even seemingly obscure references in this story will probably have an enormous amount of backstory) you can find out our various thoughts at

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Well, enough introduction. We hope you like it!

-TiJiL and Tobar