They Don't Understand

Just yesterday, my friend

whispered to me:

"I know where babies come from."

But she wouldn't tell me.

So when I got home

I asked my mommy

she said:

"You're too young to

understand that."

So today,

I told my friend

what mommy had told me,

and she looked at me


as she said angrily:

"When you fall asleep

next to a boy

God sends an angel

to become your baby.

What part of that

Do WE not understand?"

I shrug my shoulders

and told her:

"Maybe they're too old to

understand that."


Hey guys, sorry haven't been updating lately, but I jus have poems up for now, sorry, sorry! I'll be posting stories up before umm next week is out! ;

I hope you guys enjoy mah poems!