Dedicated to Sarah, Remember that night?

The Twilight ball

The lucid moon,

Is whole and bright.

Midnight shadows flee in exile,

From every ray of silver illumination.

Dressed in your finest Eskimo garb

The cold nips at you no more.

Warm breath paints our path,

Through the icy tundra,

Blanketed with frost.

The canopy of twinkling stars,

Is reflected in every blade of crystal grass.

By day a baron waste land,

But now, for one night only

It's transformed into a mythical bayou.

Onto a frozen pool.

I took your pale hand in mine.

And we danced the night away.

Your golden locks flowed like silk,

As we carved our steps in ice.

Who needs a shimmering glitter ball?

When we have the shining moon.

Who needs a nocturne played by a harp?

When we have the silent symphony of the starry night.

Who needs a crowd to stop and stare?

When for this moment we are the only two people that matter.

Who needs a testimony?

When all I have to do is drift on a memory

And relive it all again.