That was the last I heard from Tina. Actually, the last anyone heard from her. I think she and my ass hole brother found Tina's Aunt and Uncle who gave them a safe place to stay. For now, I don't know where they are. They've been hidden pretty well. I managed to find her Aunt and Uncle's house, but after the time it took for my search, it had been rented out.

Basically, everyone assumes that Tina is dead, because of the was Mrs. Stoker, interpreted the messages. Basically, she thought her daughter had committed suicide, because in one of her half drunken phases, she thought her brother and his wife had died in a car accident two years before. Of course, they were very much still alive.

After the funeral, Manda, driven by grief, threw herself at Ryan and John caught them making out in a storage closet at the funeral home. Of course, he wasn't really mad, he merely pointed out that the bench they had been making out on was actually a coffin. That got them out of there pretty fast.

Now, you're probably wondering why I know all of this. Well, my theory is eventually, Tina will want to talk to her family and friends again, when she thinks it's safe. Well, it won't be. I'll be waiting for her. I'll find her again someday. This time, nothing will stand in my way .

This is the last chapter in this story. Sorry I was kinda sad to end it too. Um hope you liked it. I'd just like to thank all my friends particularly Kaylee and Veronica for helping me out so much. and thanks to all of you whu have read this. um I'm running out of people to thank so i'll stop now