The Life I Live

Bullets rain from the skies

Cannons boom

Explosions go off over my head

As I lay in my trench

I stay steady

My weapon in hand

Trying not to shake from fear

I don't know what will happen to me tonight

But it's hard not to think about it

When the bullets barely miss

And the threat of gas goes through the ranks

So much lies on this night

And the night after

And the night after

My life will be like this day by day

Night by night

I will never know security

I will always life with death

And you might think I'd get used to it

That I would numb

And not be scared

But it just gets worse every time

Each time I narrowly escape death

I think

How many more times can I do this?

How long before death catches me?

I can't dodge it forever

My luck has to change sometime

But I never know

That is how it is

And how it will always be

That is my life

And I'm living it for you