Her Cage
"And people say, oh look at the way the girl dances her life away! Oh even more then that, all the crazy, crazy things she does" -DMB; Crazy

She's alone in her cage
The world watches on from the outside
No one makes a move to understand
What goes on inside her mind
As she's locked up in her world

I don't suppose she can get out
But all the same, would she want to?
When all the people on the outside do
Is tell her that her world was wrong
"This is how you should be, or else"

She cannot help that she is who she is
She hates her isolation
But she couldn't stay with outsiders
So frightened, so ashamed
She can't live with anymore hate

She lives alone in her cage
Metal bars she looks to the outside
Unbendalbe, unbreakable, untouchable heart
She waits for someone with kindly eyes
Someone who will smile her way
Someone who will see her as tame
Someone who will try to understand her
And someone who will let her out
But who?