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chapter 2: Jayn


(Wake me up.
Wake me up inside.
I can't wake up.
Wake me up inside.
Save me.
Call my name and save me from the dark.
Wake me up.
Bid my blood to run.
I can't wake up.
Before I come undone.
Save me.
Save me from the nothing I've become.)


Jayn put the volume down and glared at the person standing in front of her that had dared to enter her room.

"What the f! do you want"

"There's no need to be rude "

Jayn rolled her eyes

"so what do you want "

" dinners ready and ..."

Jayn cut her off

"I'm not hungry"

"but ,mom said I had to make sure you come down and eat "

"I said I'm not hungry now get the hell out of my room ,now!"

She said throwing a black shoe. it hit the door as the person ran out . Jayn could hear yelling and rapid footsteps.

"Mom, Mom Jayn tried to kill me!"

she laughed and was about to put the volume back up when a man busted into the room.

"What is the matter with you? You could have given her a concussion"

" So..."

"do you have no remorse in that heart of yours"

"no uncle Mark, I don't"

she flashed him an evil grin

"Janna can rot in hell for all I care"

her uncle turned red with anger .

"that's it ,I want you out of this house! "

"Whatever, I hate this place anyway, especially your white ass and your mutt daughter "

"Get out!"

she got up off her bed and walked to her closet where she took out a fully packed roller suitcase she then walked over to her desk unplugged her mini stereo and stuffed it into a backpack that she pulled from out under her bed as well as her CD case .

She was heading for the door when a woman appeared.

"What is going on here, why does Jayn look like she's going on a trip."

The woman asked looking from her niece to her husband to her daughter.

"Daddy kicked Jayn out because she tried to kill me like she did her parents"

Janna said sticking her tongue out at Jayn.

Jayn in return ran up and punched her cousin in the stomach


"She deserved it…"

she said when her aunt yelled her name. She then turned to Janna

"don't you ever mention my parents again ,you stupid bitch"

her uncle who hadn't said a word since his wife came into the room suddenly spoke.

"didn't I tell you to get out "

"what do you think I was doing"

Jayn said which started a major argument between the two with Janna joining in . they argued for about five minutes straight till Jayn's aunt stopped them.

"Be quiet all of you! "

The room went dead silent,

"Thank you, "

she said in a calmer tone.

"Now, Janna go to your room, your father will go with you and give you your punishment for that remark" she said sternly

"and you"

she said turning to Jayn.

"put that suitcase back in your closet and sit down ,we need to talk"

"but uncle Mark said ..."

"it dosnt matter what he said this isn't just his house , so your not going anywhere"

Jayn put her suitcase back in the closet ,dropped her backpack on the floor and sat down on her bed. her aunt went over and sat next to her .she waited for a lecture but none came instead her aunt hugged her .she didnt know how to react so she just stayed still and quiet . they stayed like that for who knows how long then her aunt spoke.

"Jayn , i know these past few months have been difficult for you ,its been difficult for all of us ..."

"maby for you i'm just fine"

" no Jayn, your not "

" dont tell me what i am or arent Aunt Christy ,and i dont need no damn lecture "

Christy sighed no matter how much she tried her neice wouldnt let her in.

" i'll wrap a plate for you and put it in the microwave when your ready to eat you can come down and get it other then that i dont want you leaving this room."


her aunt shook her head got up and left the room closing the door behind her. at the same time her husband came out of their daughter's room .

" Christine ...i can't deal with her anymore "

"i know but, i cant kick her out shes my sister daughter "

" isn't there another relative who can take her"

"no, i dont want her living with some distant relative "

her husband shook his head

" i hoped that we wouldn't disagree with the issue of Jayn...i'm sorry Christine but..I..I "

" whatever your trying to say, just say it "

" i can't stay here, not if shes here ,i'm leaving and i'm taking Janna ,shes not safe here"

"your what ! no,i wont let you take my daughter ,you can leave ,but Janna stays here"

" i'm afraid you have no choice ..."

he pulled a paper out of his pocket and handed it to Christine

" that says that i have custody of Janna"

" what ! how?"

" because by you letting Jayn stay here ,you've neglected your daughter and put her in danger so that declares you unfit to have her in your custody"

tears started to fall down her face .

" i can tear this up and we can be a family again,only if you just get that girl out of our house "

" dammit i can't Mark, shes my neice i promised her mother before she died i can't break that promise"

" i'm your husband and Janna's your daughter what about your promise to me and her dosn't that mean anything to you"

" i'm not the one leaving my wife and taking her only child away"

" only child , have you forgotten about Jayn you treat her as if she were your daughter"

he shook his head at Christine then turned towards his daughters room

" Janna grab your things we're leaving "

Janna walked through the door gave her mom a sad look than followed her father who was starting to walk down the stairs .

Christine slid to the floor tears flowing down her face as she watched her husband and Janna walk away .

while all this was going on Jayn had put her music back on put on a black sweatshirt and black sneakers then climbed out the window . she could hear arguing but she chose to ignore it and continued to climb down . she stayed against the wall as she heard voices, waited till they disappeared, then quickly crossed the street and went on her way to her boyfriends house.

she walked for about four blocks till she came to a brown and green house she went around to the back opened and thenwalked through the screen door that led to her boyfriend Leo's ,room.

what she saw when she entered his room made her stop in her tracks there was Leo laying on his bed naked with a girl ,Becky, from school. laying on top of him .

she backed out of the room and at that point her heart completely closed up all the anguish from the past months and now this. no one would be able to break through to her or her heart .

Or would they or rather would he be able to.

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