He Was My Miracle, I Was His Friend

Chapter 1

I hate those stories when girls talk about how they were total loners and then all of a sudden out of no where they magically fall in love with a boy who is the epitome of popular. Oh and those stories when a girl doesn't believe in love and again.. out of no where she falls in love. Poof! Like magic. How dumb. I am not a loner, I do believe in love but I don't believe in magic. Actually my life is pretty damn boring, but of course you've guessed it. Something happened. Something amazingly tragic and beautiful like a barrel of a gun.I'll get to that later. I'll just start with yesterday.

So I guess I'm not all that boring and perhaps a little bit like those girls in the novels you read. I don't like to think so though.

"Jamie," I looked up from staring at the table to my best friend Mia, "Look at that guy over there! That one over there. Sitting on the bench reading that book, isn't he gorgeous!?" I rolled my eyes. Ugh, and here I thought she was going to say something in intelligent.

"Christian? He's cute." I just make a quick glance in his direction. Having obvious bad timing hes looking back at me. I suddenly got the chills that I caught him looking at me too. Weird.

"You know him?" She wailed in disbelief all bright eyed and bushy tailed. Thats the only way I can describe the way she looks now. "Holy crap James! You've been holding out on me! C'mon now introduce me!" I hated it when she called me James she hasn't stopped since middle school. Long story never mind.

"No," I looked back at Christian. He was very good-looking. Wait, no. He's fucking gorgeous. Well to Mia and I he' gorgeous, but we have weird taste in boys. "You already have a fucking boyfriend! Jason. Remember him?" I didn't look at her when I said this I was too busy drowning in Christian's hazel eyes.

"Oh yeah, huh?" She said digging into her purse. She carried everything in there. If she ever lost it I bet she would die. "but who knows, you know people always say high school relationships hardly last, we'll see."

I sighed. It's like she was anticipating their break up. How sad. I haven't had a steady boyfriend since July and it's December now. So I was extremely envious of her. She always had someone. Stupid ho.

She obviously found what she was looking for. Pink lipstick from MAC called "lust" dumb name huh? She opened it and pulled my close and started applying it to my lips. "What are doing?" It was obvious but she just caught me off guard.

"It's a pretty color I think you'd look great in it that all. What was that boy's name again. Christian?" I looked at her suspiciously. "Uhh, yeah, wh-"

"CHRISTIAN!" he looked up again from his book and put a bookmark in his place. He looked a bit puzzled. My heart was like racing. 'Holy crap he' standing up. He's walking over here. I hate you Mia.' I don't know exactly what I became to nervous before today I didn't even think I was actually attracted to him.

"What are you doing Mia? I hate you so bad right now. You're horrible!" I whispered to her as he was getting closer. Or I thought I whispered.

"I'm horrible?" he said looking right at me. Well not at me, more like though me. It made me shake a little. "Gee, what a warm welcome."

"Oh no you're not horrible you're wonderful" No, no, no Jamie you're dumb why did you say that. Why am I yelling at myself in third person?

"Oh I am? Um, thanks. So what did you want?" He looked at Mia

"Oh I just called you over because you looked lonely over there by yourself. I haven't really seen you around are you new or something?" She looked so calm and she lost her valley girl self and seemed like a person you could actually carry a conversation with. I'm impressed and again completely jealous.

"Lonely.." he looked at the floor and smirked. "No I'm not new. I've been in your school since forth grade you've just never noticed me."

A guilty face replaced Mia smile. "Really? Oh my God. I'm sorry."

"No I'm sorry" he laughed. "I did just move here. I just wanted to see what you would say." She hit him in the arm.

"Your so mean!" I laughed at her. And he smiled like he was trying to get me to laugh. I blushed.

"You wanna sit down with us?" Oh I'm making progress for my shy self. Yay.

"I thought you would never ask." he smiled. Wow he had perfect teeth I wonder if he ever had braces. That would be so adorable!

Mia looked at me and then at Chris and then back at me, winked and said, "Hey I almost forgot I told Jason I was going to meet him in the library today!" She smiled that don't-do-anything-I-wouldn't-do smile. "So you guys catch up see ya!" and she left. Oh no I'm in deep shit I hope he's more of a talker than I am. I was wrong.

"Ha, your friend is funny. What's her name?" he asked. Oh my God I'm so stupid I didn't even introduce myself or Mia. I felt like banging my head against the table. "Oh It's Mia. My name is Jamie. Nice to meet you." I smiled hoping my hands were all sweaty from nervousness. They weren't.

"Pretty name. Aren't you in my U.S. Government class?"

"Yeah, when did you come to Pepsi Creek High?" (don't ask our school was hungry for money so we took money from Pepsi and they renamed our school. Dumb huh?)

"Two weeks ago." He looked past me like I was losing his interest. I felt so unimportant,


"Yeah, so yeah.. awkward silence" I said trying to save the conversation.

"Why is it awkward? What's wrong with silence that makes people feel uncomfortable. I just enjoy being in your company" He said like it was the most obvious thing in the world. It wasn't

At this statement he made me blush. A guy like him enjoying being in my presence? I was on the top of the world but I felt like I needed something equally intelligent to reply with.

"You're so nice." oh yeah, really intelligent.. silence again. All I could think was here is another boy who is getting bored with me already because I'm afraid to speak my mind. Great. I was wrong. Thank God.

"You look like you're deep in thought." I said to him. He had is head rest on his pale hands looking at myeyes but mostly just staring to space. His eyebrows were a bit scrunched together so I asked him, "What are you thinking about?"

He looked up at me. He was staring into my eyes. I felt so helpless because his eyes were so beautiful I couldn't find it in myself to break contact. He started to speak which made me come back to reality. "Your eyes, they look like a pool of black ink." I wasn't sure whether that was a compliment or not.

"Um thanks." he could tell I was a little weirded out and said, "Oh I'm sorry we don't even know each other I'm probably freaking you out. I'll go."

He stood up. "Wait!" what was I doing? This isn't me, but I wasn't going to let love pass my by again and I felt like if I let this happen I could fall in love with this boy. That maybe if I could get to know him and he could understand me that maybe I could be happy again. I was already in love with his thin frame and his voice and his eyes. Oh God his eyes.

"You don't have to go" I pleaded. Yes, I begged. I didn't think I was going to it just came out that way.

He a look of guilt. "No it wasn't you. I have to go anyways." wow I felt stupid. He turned around and started to walk away. Damn it. I'm a loser. I let my head hit the table a few times in stupidity. "But-" fuck. Wow I'm a retard.

"-If you want to come with me you can. I just need to do something and we can go somewhere after." Expressionless he added, "Unless you don't want to." I'm not one to just go with a guy I hardly know. I'm not Mia. But I didn't exactly want to pass this up. Not only was he a cute boy but he was smart to. A total catch if you ask me.

"Okay sure that'd be fun." I grabbed my bag from the table and stood up I stood beside him and started walking towards his car. I have to admit I was kind of scared. I've had a pretty bad experience with boys before. They never exactly treated me with respect. Christian seemed different from those bastards who used me before.

Still, I couldn't help but he a bit paranoid. I mean why would a boy I barely know want me to come with him in his car and go somewhere. I think he noticed I was nervous by the way I was a step behind because he grabbed my hand and laced it into his.

I was a bit shocked. I looked up at him but he didn't look at me. His focus was elsewhere. He was staring at pretty blonde girl across the parking lot hanging all over some light haired boy looking in our direction. Then it dawned on me. 'Maybe he isn't so different after all' I wasn't going to stand by and watch myself be used.

"Who's she?" I guess it took him off guard because he squeezed my hand tighter and then loosened his grip. He looked at me and I stared at the feet.

"No one" he stated with no expression in his voice whatsoever. I met his eyes. He must have seen that I didn't believe him. "We used to go out." he added. "Oh I see, and you still have feelings for her?" I know I should have let his hand go but I couldn't. I felt that if I held his hand I was helping him pretend he was over his girlfriend.

"No, not really." we reached his car. He let my hand go and opened my door. I thought it was very sweet but I wasn't going to let this go even if I had just really met him about 10 minutes ago.

He had a nice car. It was silver and had the latest equipment in stereo sound and it was all very shinny and new. It smelled like a Christmas tree, then I realized their was a small tree in the back. 'that explains it' He didn't have leather furniture but by the look of it he could afford it.

He opened the door and got in and started the car. We rode in silence for about a mile to where ever we were going. "She followed me here." he said breaking the silence. He continued, "She won't accept the fact that it's over that's all. I want her to realize that I don't care how many guys she sleeps with and that I'm over her." funny how I didn't even have to ask he just read my mind.

"So please Jamie, don't think I was using you for a sick lovers revenge, okay?" He said reading my mind yet again.

"Okay," I wasn't really sure what to say next. So I asked, "Where are we going?" he blushed.

"Oh sorry. Geez, you must think I kidnapped you or something," he laughed a little. "I have to pick up my baby." I was shocked. He had a baby!? Oh my God, Christian, you slut! He laughed. I'm really starting to worry about this whole mind reading thing.

"No, no. My guitar. See, it got all messed up on the flight to Cali so I had to get it repaired." He had the biggest smile on his face like he was trying to smother a laugh.

"Oh." I said flatly and a bit relieved. The car rolled up to this little shop I never even knew exsisted.

"I'll be right back, it shouldn't take more than 5 minutes love." He got out and closed the door. I waited until he was in the store and stared to smile and squeal a bit. A guy like that just called me love! Haha I was ecstatic.

I felt kind of fan girl-like though because I didn't know much about him even though I was in his fucking car! I decided to raid his CD collection which I found in a box under the passenger seat. I think he owns every CD Conor Oberst has ever been affiliated with. That a lot of CD's and a hell of a lot of money. Which means his family must be rich. Cool. He also had two Dashboard Confessional CD's Some Blood Brothers CD's and the Faint. Nice music taste this boy has I thought. I had gotten to his mixed CD's he made when I came across one with my name on it.

I just took it out when he came out of the store with his black guitar. It was very shinny. I started to notice just about everything he owned was shinny.

He went around the car and put it in the trunk. Then he got back in the car as I tried desperately to put his CD's back in order. He opened the door and came in.

"What are you doing?" He saw me trying to but the box under the seat. "I.. Uh.. I was just looking I'm sorry." He smirked.

"Don't be sorry it's okay. You didn't look through all of it did you?" he seemed a bit worried but hid it behind a smile. "oh no I only go to "Crimes" by the Blood Brothers... great band" I lied.. not about the great band part though.

"Oh okay good. Yeah they're great wanna listen to it?" He asked a bit relieved. "Nah I'm in a Desaparecidos kinda mood right now." I replied.

Christian turned the key and started the car. "Okay go ahead and put it in." I did. We got up til Track 3 and I turned it down and looked at him and asked, "So where are we going now?"

"Home." Now I was nervous again. This wasn't the first time this has happened to me. Before I was clueless though now I was well aware what could happen. No way this isn't going to happen again I'm not going to be forced to "love" someone for 10 minutes and then have him pretend it was okay and that I wanted it too. I was going to stop it here if it was going to happen again.

"Uh, I don't think I shou-"

"Oh come on Jamie.. don't you trust me?" I don't know what happened to me when he said that. He looked so innocent. I didn't know him well enough to trust him but I did. I felt like I'd known him forever.

"I do I ju-"

"Don't know me well enough." he finished my sentence. Damn he was good.

"Yeah, that's it. It's just weird. We don't know each other. Yet, here I am. In your car as we're driving to your house."

"I know you. It feels like I can talk to you and tell you anything." wow he has a way with words. Or maybe he just a good actor or a player or worse, he could actually mean it.

"I feel the same way but I'm usually not like this. I don't jump into cars of boys I barely just met. I'm not like this." I had to set him straight and then he said,

"So then you feel it to? You usually don't jump into cars with boys you just met. So what made you come in mine? Don't you believe in fate? Maybe there's something bigger than you and me that's drawing us together. I can't explain it but you have to feel it." He stopped the car at a stop light light and took the box of CD's from my hands and gave me the CD with my name on it.

"I believe in fate and I believe in love at first sight. I made this for you."

"Wow, this is a bit overwhelming. This never happens to me. I don't know if you' noticed but I'm not exactly the prettiest girl and you are very good looking," he smiled that his and I blushed a bit. "You can have anyone in our school you know that right?"

"No, right now the only person I see myself with is you." he pulled into the drive way to this beautiful white house I assumed was his family's.

"We're here." He got out of the car as I just sat their staring through the windshield at this enormous house wondering if Christian was psycho or something. Maybe this was some sort of trap? Inside I was freaking out and the questions seemed never ending. Then he opened my door.

He held out his hand, "M'Lady" that made me giggle. "Geez you're weird you know that right?" I got out and he smiled at me and kissed my cheek and said, "Yeah I know."

He laced his figures though mine and opened the door. I was still worried. He didn't seem like the kind of guy all my other boyfriends had been. It was strange how much I trusted him already after only a about an hour.

He let my hand go and went to the kitchen.. damn the house was huge. White walls and a high ceiling in the living room. They had pearl white carpet that led itself up the stairs. It's a three story house. Whoa.

"Do you want something to eat? Or drink maybe?" he asked me, his head in the refrigerator. "I'm kind of thirst thanks." He got me a strawberry soda. 'how cute' I thought. He got himself a beer. I wondered for a moment if his parents let a 17 year old boy drink but the thought left my mind as quickly as it came.

"So yeah, you wanna go up to my room?" I got a sudden pang in my stomach and I almost choked on my drink "I don-"

"Hey, I may believe in fate and love at first sight but I don't believe on sex on the first date okay? Don't worry" he laughed and took a sip of beer.

I laughed brushing my stupid thoughts away.. He seemed like a nice kid after all. So maybe he isn't like the others. I smiled and followed him upstairs.