To mock the killing Bird


It started as a mistake. That sounds so cliché but it's true. Anything involving Ryan was and is a mistake. Unfortunately, Ryan likes to get involved just to make me mad. Just to head you off, this is not a love story where they hate each other then fall madly in love. The only time I liked Ryan was in the 8th grade when I got sick and I still had to go to school. They gave me these huge happy pills and I was so doped up I had a crush on him for two weeks. I shudder.

So, no this isn't a love story. I have my guy and I'm not letting go of him, not for the world. Actually, now that I think about it, a bunch of this is Addison's fault. Addison had kept me sane despite all of Ryan's attempts to drive me over the edge. He also signed me up for the student rep for junior year. He thought I was funny, I kicked him.

"Bird, in all seriousness, you are a good leader."

"Why didn't you put me in for Prez then?" I spun around. "Don't even think about it!"

"Birdie…" he gave me a big hug, despite being kinda wiry for a guy, Addison is tall. Then again, a bunch of people are taller than me. "Have fun with it Bird."

"Addison, I didn't want it at all!"

"Hey, I heard you were running for rep. are you?" Ally sat down in the desk in front of mine. I pushed Addison to his desk.

"HE signed me up."

"Well, I'll vote for you." Ally turned to get papers being passed back.


"Yup, Rachel heard the rep would have to do more this year. We were slackers last year and most of this year. The rep is gonna have the job of telling us to shape up." Addison beamed at me.

"See, you're good at telling people what to do."

"You're still in trouble. Where's Duncan?" Duncan is Addison's best friend and the laziest person I know. He came slouching in just before the late bell.

"Cuttin' it close." I grinned at him.

"Meybee." He replied back and collapsed in his desk. Mr. Jenkins told us to continue our group Review project. Ally and Duncan turned around for our foursome group. and Ryan mad an appearance.

"Javier is so unpatriotic." With only those few words out of his mouth I straitened. Ryan and I have a tendency to fight. A lot. I can not help the fact that he is a spoiled, hypocritical, stereotypical white male American who voices his ignorant, biased comments within my hearing and I correct him. Add the fact that the kid's just butt ugly, egotistical and a jackass. Ryan, not sensing danger did I mention that he's slow too? continued to talk. Idiot. I tried to ignore him and focus on the work. We had decided to pick Animal Farm because it was the smallest thing we had read in freshman year and Duncan reads about as fast as he moves. That's really slow.

"All those foreigners should go back where they came from. I know everyone wants to come to America but they need to stay where they are instead of bringing it over here. We could stay in places like Iraq. Countries must be stupid if they need our help to do well. Although we are the best." Ryan rambled on a little.

"Why is Javier unpatriotic?" I asked suddenly.

"He was complaining about how he hates America and how he hates living here. How he wishes he could go home." I looked at Ryan in disgust.

"He's supposed to be your friend. He's homesick asshole. Didn't you know his dad's down in South America and he comes up like once a year. Javier was moved away from his family and friends, is a minor and has no control over where his legal guardians move him. You call him unpatriotic for missing his old life?"

"They didn't have to come to America."

"Who? The 'foreigners'?" when he nodded I rolled my eyes.

"This country was built on foreigners. People come here to escape racial issues, religious oppression and unemployment."

"They steal our jobs." He whined.

"Do you have a job? You don't need a job, they do. And they only get the job because we elect people who let them!" I'm not a president supporter.

"Ryan, people hate America. They have stereotypes of us because of people like you. We are trying to get along with other cultures and countries and then people like you break down the progress. You don't have to enforce the stereotypes.

" Mr. Jenkins, I'm sorry I'm disrupting the class but I can relate back to our book. Ryan, you are like the pigs, not really sure how to control or be a leader. In your case, you cannot control your mouth. In their case, the pigs could not properly control the farm without going for their own gain. You also cannot think beyond self gain. In the novel, Animal Farm by George Orwell, the pigs loose the respect of their peers. You have long since lost my respect for you. The key to control which neither you nor the pigs understood is, to truly govern a people, or a mouth, you must understand them. Understand that just because you have a mouth, doesn't permit you to run it off whenever you feel like it. You must have respect. And don't talk about things you don't understand unless you can relate it to the book. Because I read the novel and recognize it's value as a piece of classic literature, I can relate anything you throw at me, back to the novel!" I glared at him. "Next time, I'll throw something at you. Maybe you'll comprehend it better." I hadn't noticed it but I had stood up sometime during my rant. Addison tugged me down in my desk. The class began to hum with talk again.

"Birdie, calm down."

"It's still unpatriotic, if they come to America they should support America!" Ryan huffed, scooting his chair back to his real group. I smiled evilly and slid out my clipboard. Addison saw me.

"Count to ten." He said.

"In Spanish." Duncan added.

"Let me throw it at him." I whined.

"Focus, deeeep breaths Bird." I didn't need the anger management coaching, I had pretty good control over my physical temper but Duncan and Addison were fun when I got mad.

"Can you count in French still?" Duncan asked.

"Pig Latin." Ally suggested.

"Stickers!" Duncan said happily.

It was the only thing I knew so far that would get him doing something. Something was normally covering Addison in stickers. Ally made me a cute smiley face flower. You're thinking we get nothing done right? Not really, Addison, Ally and I had finished most of our project yesterday. Mr. Jenkins was cool enough to let us have some off days.

"Anarchist doesn't support the president." Ryan muttered under his breath where we all could here it. My hand started creeping toward the clipboard. Addison covered my hand with his. It had taken him a while to do that. He hadn't started calming me down like that until the start of sophomore year. When we started dating. He pulled my hand to him and put a sticker on it.