A Stranger for a Friend

One- The B's in life

An athletic girl ran thought the trees. Faster, faster, she had to keep up with him. Behind them, she heard the clatter of gunfire. A trap, oh god, it had been a trap. She saw him fall ahead of her so she dove down in the brush next to her partner.

"Babe, keep goin'. They'll stop to check on me, keep goin'." He gasped to her. She ignored him and checked his injuries.

"Dammit Babe!" his pet name for her, they didn't know each other's real ones.

"Stop moving Buddy, I'm not leaving you." She whispered her tone of voice showing how she felt. "Look, we can probably make it to the bunker."

"I'll be right behind you." She eyed him.

"Fine." They dashed the last few yards into the bunker, bullets hitting the closed door behind them. She fell to the cold stone floor, Buddy fell next to her. He was bleeding a lot. She crawled over closer to him.

"Babe, Babe, tell me your name." he gasped. She could see the blood seeping from his leg and shoulder. "I won't tell, I promise. Jesse Michael Douglas, you have my word." He propped himself up and held out a hand and she realized he was officially introducing himself. Even though they'd known each other for eleven years.

"Erica Margaret Elsey." She shook his hand and pulled him in to her lap.

"Erica, I always wanted a sister." Her arms tightened around him.

"I'm your sister."

"Don't cry for me Babe."

"I never cry."

"Don't cry for me Babe." Pause. "Love you Erica."

"Don't leave me Jess, Jesse. Don't leave me!"

"I love you Babe."

"Jesse!" Pause. "Buddy!"

"Bye Babe." He closed his eyes and a single tear fell from Erica's eye.

"I love you Jesse." She whispered.

And then she screamed.