A Stranger For a Friend

4- Blood

"Back off." Daniel told the bully in front of him. The smaller guy looked tired, as if he was being annoyed by a fly, not a 250 lb Neanderthal. Drew reached for the wallet again. unbeknownst to Daniel, it was his test for Hunter. "I said back off." Drew grabbed the wallet off the table and taunted the smaller boy from across it. Obscenely fast, Daniel landed in the center of the table on his hands, with a foot a centimeter away from Drew's face, posed for all the world like a psycho Kill Bill cheerleader. "You'd better be glad I have control." He flipped off the table, landing with bent knees, palms flat and fingers splayed. He looked oddly feline. Daniel stood, swiftly took the wallet and opened it. "Nothing in there anyway." Hunter and Adam stared, open mouthed liked Drew. Finally , after Daniel had long since walked off, Hunter regained control of his vocal chords.

"He stays."


"Daniel," the boy kept walking. "Daniel! How'd you do that?" Hunter grabbed the smaller boy's shoulder.

"Oh, sorry." He seemed distracted. "Multiple years of marital arts."

"If he bothers you again, let me know."


"We take care of our own." Daniel snorted.

"Let me know how that works out for you." He called over his shoulder and continued walking down the hall. Hunter's jaw dropped. Was this little runt for real? No one turned down protection, especially protection from Hunter Chelsea. If it was anyone else he would've socially destroyed the kid, he had done it for less, but Daniel intrigued him. He fought the urge to run after the kid and hold him down until he small boy was no longer cocky. He would wait.


Hunter didn't have to wait long. The next day, the humiliation began. The terror escalated all day until lunch when five guys attacked he small boy at once. It was an unfair fight, Daniel had the upper hand until a stray blow hit his right shoulder. Hunter came around the corner in time to see him go down, hard. The five attackers watched as blood blossomed up. Hunter picked up the kid, something was seriously wrong, even he could tell that. Daniel's eyes snapped open.

"Put me down!"

"I'm taking you to the nurse, idiot." Daniel paled.

"Put me down, NOW!" Hunter stopped in the hall to stare. Daniel took advantage of this and slid out of Hunter's arms. Daniel held his arm as he ran to their room. Taking control again, Hunter scooped up his roommate.

"Relax, I'll take you to the room." Daniel eyed the older boy as they headed in the other direction. He became oddly calm, using less energy to breathe. When they reached the room, he snatched a box and locked himself in the bathroom.


Wetting her fingers, Erika peeled the contacts from her eyes. She ripped through the uniform until she stood only in the pants of the uniform and the corset tight sports bra. Opening the box, she pulled her hair back and got out a pair of scissors. Carefully, she cut the strap of her right shoulder. She could breathe a little easier now but she concentrated on her shoulder. Erika's left hand slowly staunched the flow of blood, cleaned the wound and replaced the bandage. Using both hands this time, she filled a syringe from the box. Carefully with her left hand, she injected the syringe into the skin near the wound. She had to use the anesthesia only when she really needed it. Her supply stolen from the Compound was dwindling. Erika closed her eyes, getting hit on her bullet wound was unexpected. She reached around her neck to the chain that held the bullet. Someone pounded on the door.

"C'mon Daniel, come out. Are you ok? You really should go to the nurse, man." Erika found her guy voice.

"Go back to class, I don't need your help." The voice was cold.

"I'm not leaving until you come out."

"Go away!" the pain overwhelmed her and she passed out.

"Daniel?" there was silence. "Daniel, answer me!"


Hunter couldn't hear any movement. The older boy tore out of the room. Adam had a free period. He headed that way. Adam watched as Hunter flew in the room, grabbed one of Adam's pliers and his shoulder.

"I need your help, I think something happened to Daniel."


"He was bleeding a lot and locked himself in the bathroom."

"So?" Adam wasn't being cold, he was just confused, why would Daniel be bleeding?

"He won't talk to me. Adam, he was bleeding a lot." When they reached the room, Hunter shoved the pliers at Adam. "Daniel, Daniel, open the door!" when there was no reply, Hunter started on the lock.

"Got one." Adam said as the bottom hinge pin popped out. He went to work on the second. The lock refused to be picked.

"K, I'll get the door." Adam grasped the handle and kicked the bottom of the door until it turned. Hunter pushed passed him to stare at the figure on the floor.

"Holy shit!"

"Hunter?" Adam dropped the door. "Whoa." They both stared at the girl who was Daniel.