A/N this story was inspired by an episode of the Bill Cosby Show, and by my cousin and her boyfriend who can not go 24 hours with out speaking to one another.

Chapter One

In the small town of Sheraton most every thing would appear normal. But upon entering the home on the Agnew's you find that this little town has one thing most places don't. It's only in the Agnew home right now, but at one point almost every house in Sheraton was plagued with this abnormality.

Let us take a step into this small home. On the out side it is a cottage still suburban home, but take on step inside and you find that this family is expecting. A quick walk through the house shows you that every thing has already been baby proofed and blue is splashed every where. Yes, early on the fetus was declared a boy.

Suddenly you hear a booming male voice thunder through the house. "Bridget! Do you really expect these shoes to fit?! My feet have swollen twice their normal size! Why do I even bother?! You aren't listening!" Following the voice you enter a bedroom lying on the bed you see the resident owner, 24 years of age young Anthony Agnew.

Anthony sadly fell victim to the Sheraton population increase project. The leaders of the small community saw that the population was falling dramatically, so one night they added an undetectable substance to the water supply. It was only meant to make the women of the town more fertile. Sadly they didn't take in the possibility that the men would acquire the same results. Now all men living on the town have the possibility of becoming pregnant.

Anthony is the latest to fall pray of the towns misfortune. When a man in the small town became pregnant, there was only one thing that could be for certain, the child would be a boy.

Anthony was in his seventh month and his sweet wife was ready to take a knife to his throat. His mood swings were just awful. She couldn't stand it much longer. He yelled about every thing, cried at even the smallest thing and that was on the good days. Bridget had to constantly remind her self that he would only be pregnant for two more months and that for some reason she loved him when they got married and to this town.

If only she had listened to her overly intelligent cousin and stayed in Jackson County. Oh well it was too late for that and some how she had knocked Anthony up. How it happened is still a mystery.

A/N alright that's it for the first chapter. It will get funnier as I go on but please bare with me. Bridget and Anthony are real people and let me assure you, Anthony is really OOC. From what I have seen he is quiet and Bridget is the one that yells and will surprise you.