A/N: I'm mad a Bridgett right now so I will be ever so mean to her in this chapter.

:inside Bridgett's head:

If he yells at me one more time I don't care how much I love him! He will die! All I did was give him tomato soup for lunch and he looked at it and started screaming his head off like it was going to bite him. Hmn, there's a thought. I wish it had. I don't see how any body could come away from this insanity they call pregnancy and not be homicidal.

My cousin is supposed to be coming any day now. she told me that I needed an ally and at the time I thought she had gone off and told her that I could handle this just fine. But that was before the mood swings. My word she had been ever so right! But she did have twins so I guess she knew that she was right. Man that's funny she's five years younger that me and she has kids.

She better get here soon though, it might be the only thing that keeps Anthony alive. That and the fact that this tomato soup is pretty good. That stupid prick doesn't know good food if I through it in his face... but I already did that. I might as well call Jes, and ask her if I can move in with her and Josh. At least till the baby is born.

Oh! My savor just pulled into the drive way! I should run and meet her. Wait she isn't alone... but of course I didn't expect her to leave the twins at home, even if that meant they would be around an extremely moody pregnant man. You know, that's the last thing I would ever thought I would say.

:Back to normalness:

Running out side Bridgett's embraces Maggie in a strong hug. "Thank you! I couldn't stand to be in that house alone with him for one more minute. Your my favorite cousin you know that right?" Bridgett rambles on.

"Yes, I know. Now you get Veaira and Amy and that them into the house while i get our things and take them into the guest room that I remember all too well." Maggie says.

Scooping up the twins Bridgett makes her way into the house while cooing to the two girls in her arms. "You've come to help me deal with my crazy husband. You're going to help me stay sane."

"Dear cousin." Maggie says coming up behind them with about thirty bags and suitcases. "You can't help those that have already lost it."

"Don't listen to you mother girls. She is too young to know what she's doing." Bridgett said at they got into the house.

"Now your mimicking my mother. The world has lost it." Maggie said dramatically. This comment got her a smack over the head from Bridgett who had sat the twins down just seconds before. Laughing Maggie called out "Hi Anthony."

"Maggie, is that you?" Anthony yelled coming into the room. "Oh it is you." He sounded slightly disappointed. "And you brought the twins. Great, just what I need, a head ach." he grumbled the last part.

"Ignore him. He would have had a fit if you hadn't brought the twins." Bridgett says aloud, meaning for Anthony to hear it.

Laughing Maggie gets up and plays with Veaira while Bridgett makes a fuss over Amy. When Amy started crying though Bridgett stares at her in confusion.

"My, my. Don't do that to your Aunt sweetie. She was just being her normal, brain dead self. She can't help it." Maggie says to Amy. It seemed to calm her down. Turning to Bridgett Maggie is taken aback by the look on her face, "Now dear cousin, looks like that will make her cry even harder."

"You are pure evil." Bridget says to Maggie "Don't make me murder you right along with Anthony."

"Hey! I resent that!" Anthony says coming back into the room with the last of the tomato soup. "I have done nothing to make you mad at me. And even if i had love, would you blame me? I have a bundle of horrid joy in my stomach."

"Now you eat the tomato soup! Ten minutes ago you screamed every time I asked you if you wanted any!" Bridget wails.

"This isn't tomato soup! I wouldn't touch the stuff! This is warmed up tomato juice." Anthony said sitting down on ht coach.

A/N: alright I'll end this right here. i know that my cousin will end up killing me after this chapter, cause Anthony isn't that bad, but come on! he's pregnant! Oh and before Bridgett gets a chance to ask why I'm mad at her... IT'S CALLED A PHONE!