Dream Away


The tea was thoroughly stewed.

"The only thing that girl has ever been on time for was being born." A pause.

"Oh wait, of course she wasn't on time. Once again she got the better of us and came early!" Emilie sighed and stood at the foot of the stairs once more.

"Lady May!" she called impatiently "your breakfast is getting cold!"

Lady May, or Mayliah as she was commonly known did not hear her. She was still dreaming.

Mayliah stood in the middle of an empty room, only it wasn't empty, she could hear voices, but saw no one, save for a figure standing at the very end of a white path leading to a stage made of cloud. Mayliah had dreamed of this before, several times, but had always given up as the path seemed so long, or had she tried, had never reached the end of the path before she woke. I WILL do it this time, she thought to herself and set off. It seemed harder this time, and Mayliah almost gave up several times. She had turned a corner,which faced a dead end. Mayliah looked back up the road she taken sadly. No matter what I do, I always end up where I started. She sighed and looked at the dead end once more - it had disappeared! Now, she only saw the man she had always seen from a distance. He approached her and took her into his arms.

"I have waited forever for you." He told her, as he led her to the stage. There he lay down with her, and began to sing. He stretched out and cradled her face in his hands, causing Mayliah to gasp, not because she desired him, or he desired her, as between them, this was already clear, but through the sheer intimacy of his touch. They kissed as he sang to her, with him smiling at her the whole time. In all her nineteen years she had never seen such a beautiful man, skin that seemed glow, blue eyes shining brightly in the dim light, and a smile that made her heart want to do the same. He stopped singing and the pair lay there together in total silence.

"I must go." He told her. She looked at him, not quite understanding.

"But I've only just got here -" she protested "and I don't even know your name!"

"You will, for you will see me soon enough. No harm will come to you when I am near."