Title: The Concrete Trail

Rating: R

Summary: The story of two totally different boys, and the concrete trails to their final destinies… (Humour, embarrassment, slash, angst, madness, the art of coming out… and a lot of welsh accents… huh… now how did that get in there?)

Disclaimer: I own the Characters and the story line but in all events please remember that this is N and that none of it is real. All bands mentioned, TV programmes and possibly Countries or Cities are real and I do not own them, any quotes used are owned by their author but have been labelled accordingly.

Please note: No characters were hurt in the making of this story, how ever by all legal rights the author will not take responsibility for the actions of some members. The actors in this story are professionals and have been trained to perform these stunts. Please do not attempt to re-enact anything you have seen today.

Enjoy the Show.

The Concrete Trail By Nef

"To every broken heart in here, Love was once a part, but now it's disappeared,

She told me that it's all part of the choices that you make, Even when you think you're right,

You have to give to take…"- Lost Prophets "Last Train Home." -

Rhondda, Wales.

December 2003, 05:01 GMT

It was cold outside, the coldest it had been in a long time, although in Rhondda it was always cold in winter. It was about five AM, too early to be up really, the sun hadn't even risen over the town and the air was icy, like the ice-cold water of the Atlantic. But even at the quiet time of five in the morning on some random December day, Reese found himself wide-awake and slowly climbing from the warm cocoon of his small single bed. On the other side of the room, Reese's older half brother Jamie was still sleeping, his body hidden under two covers and the darkness.

The school term was over; Jamie had come back from Art school just two days before and since then the house had been as noisy as ever. Reese didn't mind one bit, he had missed his brother terribly in the long autumn term that had passed them. Now though, in the dead and cold silence of the winter morning, Reese was slowly pulling on his jeans and t-shirt, his whole body convulsing from the cold as he clenched his mouth shut to stop his teeth from chattering. Pulling on a grey hoodie he had bought from the city, and his vans Reese carefully snuck out of the small bedroom that his brother and him shared and slipped into the bathroom, shutting the door before turning on the light, blinding himself, but by now he was used to the shock of the bright light.

It had become a ritual as of late, for Reese to wake so early in the morning and dress in the bitter cold, spending fifteen minutes washing up and doing his blonde hair carefully in the mirror in the tiny white bathroom that everyone had to share. Today Reese was not overly fussed with doing his hair in it's usual emo style he had it cut into and instead messed with the locks, letting the longer strands mix with the shorter ones so it looked messed and casual but not scruffy and unkept- he couldn't stand unkept hair.

By the time he had finished it was nearly six, the sun was nowhere near rising as he headed down stairs quietly, making sure to not to lean his whole weight on the creaky step, knowing that it would set the dogs off then that would mean someone would wake up and he'd get in trouble. It was one of the many things he hated about the tiny house he lived in with his brother and parents, things were too small or falling apart, but then that was the problem with a lot of the houses around, most of them having been built when the town was just a small mining town, the one of many in the area.

Rhondda was just north west of Pontypridd, the same town Lost Prophets came from and built their success just a few years before hand. Reese found it ironic that one of the bands he admired the most had only lived a twenty minute train journey away in a small town not much bigger than Rhondda and was just as unknown. The town itself, Rhondda that is, was a very close knit community, it seemed that everyone knew everyone else, if someone knew your secret then the whole town did, not that it bothered Reese greatly, it was just the whole suffocation thing, the whole push for him and his friends to be the same as everyone else in the town. He thought it ironic that Lost Prophets had been through the same thing as he and his friends were facing, trying to make a name for themselves in a town that no one knew about and probably cared very little for.

Stepping out of the house, Reese made sure he had his phone and keys, the only money he had jingling in his jeans pockets as he walked slowly up the back garden path, his hat on to keep his head warm, his jacket on for extra warmth, his scarf done up tightly and his fingerless gloves the only thing to keep his hands warm. Under the last of the moonlight, the grass glittered in the pearly light, the cold air having frozen the blades and the gravel that crunched under Reese's vans as he stepped out onto the small street behind his. All the cars held the same glitter, the windows frozen over, the bonnets dusted with a sheet of dew. Some of the cars on the street were already gone, some people having already left for work or gone off to spend the Christmas holiday with family outside of town.

Walking down the path that led towards the main road that branched off to all the smaller streets, Reese stuffed his hands into his pockets, being careful where he stepped because of ice and sniffing occasionally, his ears and nose tingling from the cold. He didn't have to walk far, a bonus for him, as was the idea of the warmth waiting him on the end of his small journey as he jogged across the main street and down another small street that had trees growing on one side and bigger houses on the other side. Every morning he made this trip, it had been easier with out Jamie being home because then he could just tell his parents he had met his friends early before college. Now though the term was over so Reese had to find other excuses, his current one being that he had earlies at work when really he only had to work Saturdays.

He knew he felt guilty for lying to his brother, this he thought of as he walked slowly up the drive to one of the Edwardian houses and slipped through the gate that led to the back and the garage.

Already the garage light was on making him smile. Last time, the light had been out and he had, had to wait in the cold for fifteen minutes. Taking his hands out of his pockets, he didn't bother knocking as he opened the small side door quietly, looking above at the house that sat on top of the garage. No one else was up; the house looked dark and empty even though he was sure it wasn't.

The garage was warm, lit by two house lamps that had probably seen better days. The old drum kit better known as the Tank, sat at the back, its black chrome body shining proudly in the weak light, the guitars mounted up on the rack behind the Tank, hiding in the shadows waiting for their owners to come play them. His smile grew a little as he shut the door and looked around, the warmth from the electric heaters inviting as he pulled his jacket and gloves off, dropping them on the back of the old couch that he had spent many days sat on playing guitar and messing around with his friends.

The bed, well mattress, was on the floor as usual, the covers looking warm and inviting as he let his eyes travel from the bottom up, his smile growing just a little more when he saw the soft brown hair, the lightly tanned skin and sharp yet kind features of the boy under the cosy covers, a small smile spread on the thin yet rosy lips even though his eyes ere closed, hiding his brown eyes, his dark lashes cuddling his cheeks.

Reese smiled and pulled his hat and scarf off, his vans following soon after as he slipped down onto the bed, a small giggle leaving him as he buried his face into the crook of the other boy's neck, kissing the soft skin as he felt strong arms wind around his body pulling him down slowly.

"I was starting to think you weren't coming." Jake murmured, his Welsh accent so much stronger than Reese's, which surprised him.

"I woke up late." Reese admitted lifting his head to stare into the eyes before his. "I'm sorry."

"Forgiven." Jake murmured smiling as he pulled the younger boy down for a kiss, brushing his lips gently over Reese's.

Reese murmured happily, draping one arm over Jake's naked chest as his other arm supported his tiny frame. He felt Jake's fingers on his hoodie pulling it up slowly, the small contact of Jake's fingers on his back making the young blonde shiver slightly as he pulled back a little to help pull his grey hoodie off, chucking it onto the couch with Jake's clothes. It seemed this pleased Jake greatly because the older boys lips were soon on Reese's chest making the younger boy moan softly as Jake's tongue and lips danced over the hot smooth skin, the more experienced boy sucking softly on the blonde's chest wherever he saw fit. Reese happily let Jake do as he pleased making no effort to stop the other boy although he couldn't help but feel disappointed as Jake pulled away looking up at him.

"I dreamt about you last night…" Jake murmured, his hands working Reese's belt undone with ease.

"Oh yeah?" Reese raised an eyebrow a little not paying attention to Jake's hands.

"Yeah…" Jake nodded a little as he slipped the jeans that were too big for the smaller boy off his hips slowly, his eyes never once breaking contact with Reese's. "I dreamt you let me fuck you in college…"

Reese smiled kicking his own jeans away, sliding closer to the older boy. "You always liked the idea of doing it in weird places."

Jake grinned and shrugged. "What can I say? I'm a kinky bastard."

Reese chuckled and went to answer only found himself squeaking when Jake rolled them both over so now Reese was trapped under Jake, the older boy's erection pressing into his leg.

"I dreamt about how tight you were, how you sounded as you tried not to scream my name…" Jake purred kissing down Reese's neck softly, leaving the younger boy a shivering moaning mess. "I dreamt of how I would kiss you, press you against the wall and listen to you pant my name as you came…"

"Jake…" Reese shivered his eyes sliding shut as a light smile traced his lips. "Now you're just teasing…"

"Well in case you noticed, that thing poking you in the leg a second ago wasn't a torch." Jake chuckled kissing further down the tiny frame of the young blonde, his tongue snaking out occasionally to taste the hot smooth skin before him.

"I noticed…" Reese murmured another shiver running down his skin.

Not another word was said as Jake kissed further down the other boy's body, so amazed at how feminine Reese was with his blonde hair and slender hips. The young boy was just one of those, amazingly good looking guys with the messy hair and the soft pouty lips and lightly toned body, he was what every person wanted, or so Jake thought was the case because he knew that Reese was what he wanted at the time. Smiling to himself, Jake kissed down further, kissing each bony hip gently right before he pressed his tongue into the blonde his eyes sliding shut when a moan escaped Reese's lips.

"Jake…" Reese breathed, his whole body shivering and twitching as he felt the first strands of cool pleasure seep into his system. "Oh god…"

The older boy simply relished in Reese's moans and mewls, swirling his tongue as best as he could in the younger boy's passage, using the technique to not only tease but the stretch not wanting to hurt Reese remembering the last time they had forgotten lube and stretching and how hard it had been to get the blood out of the sheets.

Reese relished in the new feeling, it was new to him even if it wasn't new to Jake who had been experienced and was now teaching Reese everything he knew.

Outside it was cold, but inside Reese felt like he was on fire, panting softly as his back arched a little trying his best not to beg for Jake to give him more knowing that Jake knew what was best and that everything he could want right now would be his, he just had to be patient. Shivering every time Jake swirled his tongue a certain way, Reese couldn't help but smile as the silence around them was only broken by the occasional moan from the blonde and his soft panting.

"You sound so amazing when you moan." Jake breathed, as he pulled back much to Reese's disappointment and slowly crawled up the blonde's body smiling when the blonde wrapped his legs around his waist. "I love it."

"Oh good, I'll make sure to moan more often." Reese murmured smiling.

"I'm sure you will." Jake answered as he gripped Reese's hips pushing in suddenly.

Santa Monica, Los Angeles, California.

December 2003, 21:01 PST

The heat had long since passed LA, the city that was built on a reputation of fame and good weather and while the fame clung to the air like cheap perfume, the heat of the summer had passed and now it was what the Californians considered as winter. Winter wasn't exactly cold in LA, not compared to deeper into the country where it would snow and freeze and snow some more, it never snowed in LA, no they just got rain and the odd earth quake instead which wasn't exactly all that great really. The odd thing was that even at nine o'clock at night it still felt a little warmer than it probably was what with the humidity in the air.

This coolness though, didn't really seem to bother most people in LA and even at nine the city was still alive with people heading home from work or going out to clubs. Even in the busy coffee house know as The Via Five it was still buzzing with energy even if Benvolio thought it was time for bed and that he really wish he hadn't accepted to be the assisting manager of the coffee house because really it was too much even for an eighteen year old such as himself.

The great thing was the leaving part at the end of the night, he had been there all day even if he was meant to leave at five, but due to shortages in staff, he had opted to stay on before the place fell apart completely. What was worse was it wasn't even midnight and yet he felt he had been up for twenty-four hours when really all it had been was twelve. Still slowly he made his way home to his apartment on the top floor of a complex that wasn't brilliant but wasn't crap either and to him was a home. Stepping out, all Ben bothered pulling on was a Hurley jacket he had bought a while ago but loved so much that it was damn near possible to make him part with it. He walked quickly away from the main street even if it was busy still and headed up towards the houses and apartments thinking that catching a bus would take him too much time and right now he didn't have time.

Eventually though, the hustle and bustle of LA was left behind him as he headed through the quieter streets where people such as himself lived, loving the relative peace, because silence just didn't exist in LA. A few people were walking the way Ben was coming from, giggling and swaying a little suggesting that for them the party had started a little early so Ben made a point of moving well out of their way knowing that people around here just weren't friendly when it came to alcohol, in fact they weren't friendly about much, after all in LA, it was all about fame and money.

He supposed that was one of the things he hated about LA, that it was just all about money and everywhere he looked the fame was shoved down his throat. He never really understood why people wanted to be famous, after all it was just so plastic and unreal, even the LAPD and the news were all about media coverage and getting one up on each other, but in reality none of it mattered. It led him to think of Camarillo, the small town in the LA district where he was originally from. Unlike Santa Monica, Camarillo was virtually unheard of and before Kill Bill Pasadena suffered the same fate of being a quiet little area of a busy city that was hardly known of and peaceful. Now though there were very few places like that and Camarillo thankfully was one. Ben couldn't understand why he had left there, after all he had loved it there but he supposed it was the urge to find something more that had driven him to Santa Monica, that and perhaps the whole getting kicked out by his parents scenario.

At the top of the steady hill, the three identical apartment complexes loomed on a steep hill to the left of the street Ben was walking on, giving the occupants the perfect view of the dazzling lights of the city and the ocean. The only way to get into the apartment complexes was through the underground car parks that were reserved for occupants only or the stairs that led up to the main entrances. Seeming as there was a code to get into the car parks and that Ben didn't drive, he chose the stairs as always, jogging up the fifteen steps with no problem, letting himself in using his keys.

It was the next part that was a bitch, getting to the top floor when the elevators only worked to the fifth floor. At nine that wasn't so bad really, that meant only another two flights to go, it was at nine after doing a ten-hour shift with hardly a break that made it a bitch. Still Ben knew he couldn't complain, there was just no point as he took the elevator to the fifth floor like always and jogged the last two flights up to his floor, a yawn escaping him as he headed to his door.

As usual the TV was on when Ben got in and just about every light in the place was on suggesting that Quinn had been searching for something when he had let himself in and probably got fed up of looking, or had found it and had decided to stay a while.

"Find what ever you were looking for?" Ben called at he hung his jacket up and headed into the kitchen to get himself a drink of something that wasn't caffeine based and didn't have milk in it.

"Sure did!" The younger boy announced from the lounge, his voice boyish rather than manly compared to Ben's.

"Wanna remember to turn the lights out next time then?" He suggested rather than asked as he found a bottle of fruit juice and took it with him to the lounge to check on what Quinn was doing.

The tiny blonde was currently watching TV at an odd position, adding to his boyishness. Quinn was a year and half younger than Ben, and short, no not short, tiny. He was petite in every way, from his slender hands to his dainty hips. He had never lost the baby face, the big deep brown eyes that twinkled all the time and the lush rosy lips that made him a real heart throb. His white blonde hair was always a mess, not a bad mess, it wasn't short and it wasn't long, but held a punky surfers look that fitted well with the whole LA atmosphere. All in all even though he was seventeen, he still looked about fourteen or fifteen if that.

"Oh yeah sorry." Quinn answer smiling a little as he looked up. "Forgot."

"Forgiven." Ben answered as he sat down and sighed, taking a sip from his bottle as he watched the bad Kung Fu movie Quinn was currently watching. "What was it you were looking for?"

uinn didn't answer verbally but instead help up the black and white guitar strap he had lying next to his head on the floor. He managed to tear his gaze away from the TV for a second to look at his much taller friend, tilting his head a little.

The dark haired boy had dyed his hair again, his once bitter chocolate brown spikes where now black with dashes of baby pink, giving him this feminine yet punk look. He had bothered with his hair today, the long strands carefully styled over his forehead until they nearly met his eyes whilst the rest was a gelled mess of straight a curly shortness much like something Quinn had seen the guitarist of Johnny Panic have. Ben skin was losing a little of its colour, even though he was still amazingly well tanned, and despite his height, he was still slender, with long artistic fingers and slender limbs. His brown eyes were trained on the TV but portrayed exhaustion well and it was this, which Quinn had looked up to search for.

"I should make a move soon." Quinn murmured looking at the clock on the side. "Got a full day tomorrow."

Ben nodded not looking up even though he knew Quinn had been watching him. "I'll pop in tomorrow if you like before he head out to House of Blues."

Quinn nodded and sat up properly redoing the laces on his greenflashes before stretching and yawning, a small mewling sound escaping from the back of his throat. Fully stretched he stood up, the strap in hand as he pulled his jacket on and looked around slowly.

"Anyway buddy I'll see you tomorrow." Quinn murmured stepping over Ben's legs and heading for the door. "Text me!"

"Will do." Ben answered flicking the channel to the music channel before taking another sip of his drink. "Later Q!"


Ben didn't react when the door shut. Then after five minutes he stood up and walked around turning all the lights out slowly, knowing he wouldn't hit the sack until eleven at the earliest and even then he was hungry so he would have to wait until he had eaten. Sitting back down he sighed and raised an eyebrow at himself making a face that suggested that what was on his mind wasn't a great thing.

"I so need to get me a date." He mumbled quietly and sank back in his seat.