Wow. I started a new story. Feel proud, dear reader. It just hit me one late night, and I started to write frantically. It's...diffrent...So I hope you enjoy. As always, I would appreciate any and all CONSTRUCTIVE critisism, or just plain flattery. Thanks! I recently went back and updated the whole thing. YAY for not being lazy!

Thora sat on the small, rotted cot that she was provided with. Her dark, bold eyes shone brightly in the darkness of the dank cell, a small ember of hope still set firm in her mind. She studied the stone walls and iron bars once again, desperate to find a flaw, a weakness. Nothing. A sigh drifted from her mouth, as her shoulders sank in despair. Chances of her getting out of this place were slim to none. Coming from down the corridor, above the drone of the complicated machinery around here, were footsteps. The hope in her eyes rekindled, as she stepped up from the bunk, wrapping her calloused hands around the bars barricading her way to freedom.
There was a man that stopped in front of her prison, and awfully suspicious looking man. He had on a long trench coat, and a dark hat, with the brim tipped down to cast shadows over his face. He stood there for a moment, hands deep in his pockets, staring at Thora. Even though she could not see his eyes…she could feel them. He pulled his right hand out of his pocket, and placed it on the bar next to hers. He had worn hands, working hands, artists' hands. The simple essence of what his hands had done flooded the small cell, giving an atmosphere of creative thoughts. The mystery man had on a single, thin ring, in the shape of a brass snake with onyx eyes. Thora grinned and squealed in a way that only a girl can. "You asshole! Get me out of here!" she demanded, hitting the man's hand.
He chuckled softly, and with a flick of the wrist, flipped his hat off and into his hand, revealing a familiar face. He had slightly dark skin, due to the fact that he had a Hispanic background. Dark, feathery soft, straight hair fell across his forehead, and around his ears. He had an eye patch over his right eye, the other one a dark, thoughtful gray. His smile was slightly crooked, and rather attractive. The man attempted to put a surprised look on his face. "What? Me? An asshole? Why, I never!" he exclaimed, putting his ringed hand over his heart. "I'm hurt." Thora groaned, and stuck her arm through the bars, and grabbed him by his coat. "Either you're going to get me outta here, or you aren't. So do the better of the two, and get me out!" she said in all seriousness.
He grinned wider, and leaned in a little closer, holding her hand in his. "Oh, my sweet Thora. Look what the darkness and small spaces, and lack of air, have done to you! You've gone crazy; mean! Oh, the insanity! Can't they see that it's tearing us apart?!" he shouted, dropping her hand to put one of his against his forehead dramatically.
"Ha ha ha. Just get me outta here, Zel!" she stated, leaning her back against the bars.
Etzel, more commonly know as Zel, stood there, playing with his hat. "Only if you tell me how the hell you ended up in this god-forsaken place," Zel stated simply.
"What?! That will take too long! They'll be back by then, Zel…," she said with worry in her voice.
He stood there, a small smile on his face. "I have the time; you have nothing else to do. What's stopping you?" he asked.
Thora groaned, and slid down to the cold, hard ground, her arms resting on her knees. "It's going to be long…You are aware of the fact that I have been in here for well over eight months?" she questioned, closing her dark brown, almost red, eyes for a moment.
He nodded softly. "Really? That long? Maybe I don't have the time…" he said, thinking over what he had to do.
Thora sighed, and hung her head. "Thanks. Glad to see I'm worth it," she muttered to herself. Zel frowned, and leaned in against the bars. "Of course you're worth it! If you weren't…would I be here?" he questioned, sitting down with his back to hers.
"It started over two years ago, in late April…"

So, I went out to meet Alice and Carmen out at the store on the outskirts of the town. y'know, the place that has all those old houses made of brick, and actually has grass? Anyways, they said that they had something to show me there. So, I just bring my trusty bag, the worn out one that I've had for about…ten years now? Just had the normal stuff in there, and headed on out. I guess the cooler for the city must've busted, because it was scorching out that day.
Anyways, I finally get there, and see Alice and Carmen draped in the robes or something. I kinda just ignore it, thinking they were just being idiots or whatever. Nothing new there. So, I walk over to them, and they both look up at the same time and kinda have this creepy grin on their face. I stopped walking for a moment, not entirely sure what the hell was wrong with them. Maybe it was the nature, or lack of cool air.
Okay, so those two were acting really weird, but I just tried to ignore it. But it was kinda hard to ignore the large scimitar poking out from the folds of their robes. I took a few steps back, and just started ranting about whatever came to mind.

Thora took time to spit on the ground. "That was the first mistake I made to end up here." "But I thought that Alice and Carmen were-" Zel started.
She glared at the thought of what they did to her. Thora went on…

Anyways, I just keep ranting, keeping my eye on the blade the whole while, and the two pull out a book. This big, old, worn leather book and start to read something out of it out loud. It was…aw hell, what was it? Uh..."Oh great power from beyond, ancient power that once ruled the earth, come forth in this here offering, for we have found the first of few, the goddess of the heavens, ruler of the storm. Oh, ancient and powerful one, come forth and reclaim what once used to be beautiful, what once used to be grand. Oh, reclaim your land through your followers, and take back the earth!" I just kinda stared, and then I suddenly went stone cold, and couldn't barely move. "What the hell?!" I shouted, struggling against this invisible force. Besides the fact, it wasn't really invisible. I looked down, and this huge claw, skin-and-bone hand had a hold of me. I must say, it scared the hell outta me. It picked me up, about a foot off the ground, and then out came the scimitars. Scary shit, man. Came at me with that blade, and put this…like…mark…intricate swirls and shit on my leg and arm. I, naturally, tried to fight against it. But it's hard when you have no control over your own body. I feebly kicked at the blade, feeling my blood soak through my pant leg. Damn, I loved those pants…with all those pockets, and they fit like a dream...

"I don't give a shit about the pants! On with whatever the hell you did to end up in a god-damn top security prison!" Zel demanded.
Thora shook her head, grinning softly. "So impatient. I have absolutely no idea where you picked that up from…" Zel grinned, and kicked at the bars, before Thora finally started back to her tale.

Here I am, floatin' in the air, confused, scared, and mad. And bleeding. I'd much rather keep my blood inside of my body. But whatever. So, the two little asses stand there, and start chanting or something again, and I struggled, and somehow managed to slip from the hand, and bolt as fast as my blessed legs and feet could carry me, and those two go after me, blades swinging. My body was still pretty cold, almost numb, so I didn't really feel it when I ran into that tree stump and went tumbling down to the ground.

"Klutz..." he murmured, shaking his head, trying to fight back laughter. "I'll act as if I didn't hear that…" she said sternly, glaring at her buddy.
"That's because you're hard of hearing," He replied, grinning, and stepping out of reach of her fist.

Anyways, I bolted as fast as I could. My coat, Y'know, my baggy green army jacket? It got caught in some branches of those stupid trees, because of all those straps on it. I couldn't risk leaving it…an easy trail. I ripped at the branches and kept on going, losing my balance on the slope and went tumbling down the hill, into a very conveniently placed pond. Ah, I'm such a klutz. (Thora again ignored the remark from Zel of "I told you so!") I fell into the water, and came up as fast as I could, only to find Alice chasing after me, with Carmen trailing behind. I swam across the pond and heaved myself onto dry land, only to be met my Carmen. Who's pissed, by the way. She growls, really, growls, and grabs my ankle, and drags me back into the water. And because of you, Zel…I hate water.

Zel burst into laughter. "Hey, you were asking for it!" Thora scrunched her face up. "No, I never did ask you to throw me into a fountain in the middle of a huge crowd…while on my period!" she half-shouted. Hey, it had been funny.
Zel just laughed more. "Yes, you did ask for it. Coming up to me when I was talking to some girls and asking me if I was still taking Preparation H. Trust me, that was the least that I could have done to you"
Thora laughed, and started to cough. She shook her head clear, and 'cleared her throat' on the cell wall.

Anyways. As I was saying…she dragged me into the water, and held my head under. Having not gotten a good enough breathe, I was starting to feel lightheaded. I could feel the air in my lungs slipping out of my body, and then everything went dark.

"What? You've been out for eight months and woke up here? That's it?!" Zel demanded. "I'm disappointed." Thora smirked, and rubbed her nose, sniffing. "No, that's not it. I was going to continue, but someone so rudely interrupted me," she snapped.
She could feel Zel's back against hers, shifting into a more comfortable position. Something in her mind clicked on, and she spun around, and peered down the dark hall. Distant, but still coming. "Shit…" she cursed.
"What it is? Thora…what is it?" Zel asked softly, turning to face her.
"Get the hell outta here, now!" she ordered, pushing his back away from her. Etzel started to talk, his words jumbled. "Just do it!" she shouted, eyes full of fear.
Zel stared at her confused, but nodded. "I'll be back later," he added quickly. He, too, could hear the footsteps slapping against the damp, cold ground.
Thora watched as her only hope of getting out of this hellhole fled. Then the reality of the situation came back to her. She pressed herself against the wall, in the corner, her eyes set steady. "Show no fear, show no fear, show no fear…" she muttered to herself over and over again. All sounds ceased, and standing in front of her tiny cell was a large man. He had on a dark green outfit, with a matching colored helmet and goggles. At his waist was a brown leather belt, holding a gun on one side, and restraints on the other. There were different "surprise's" as they called them, in each of his pockets. A grin crossed his face, as he slid his ID card through the slot, and typed in a code. The iron cage opened with a groan, exposing Thora to this man. This man…that reeked of pain and death.
He took a step inside, and grabbed her firmly by the wrist, and yanked her up. Thora closed her eyes tightly, still muttering to herself. She had tried resistance before…but to no prevail. She took the lonely walk down the narrow corridor, just waiting…