I closed my eyes. Was I still somewhere over the Atlantic? Still dreaming? Or better yet, was I still at Hotel Excelsior in Napoli, would I wake up in my silken bed at any moment, shaken with the thought that such a thing like this could ever happen? I opened my eyes, no such luck. Amory stepped towards me. I took in his looks, much too awake for 6:30AM, especially for him, and much too nervous. Amory was normally a very calm, laid back boy, people suspected he was a druggie because of it, but really, he just slipped through life. And even when he was upset, which was relatively often, he would be irate, or enraged, often frightening, but never, never nervous. Until now. I wanted to slip my finger tips under the cuff of his shirt and stroke the soft inside of his wrist like I used to on the rare occasion he'd cry. Instead I merely let him reach out and take my bag for me.

"What are you doing here?" I asked, trying to sound interested, not upset.

"I figured you would call Lars, like always, but where would you go? This was easier. Besides, I'm sure we both have things to say." I nodded sheepishly, sudden struck mute by his words.

"Come on, I have the BMW outside." Amory had driven a navy blue BMW sports car since his sophomore year. We'd had sex in the backseat; more than once, and afterwards, during the just friends time period, the idea of getting back into the car had been too much for me. And now that we weren't even that, I should have been freaked, but instead I was following him semi-calmly, considering all the given circumstances, out the automatic doors of JFK and into the already gridlocked traffic. He placed my bag in the back and opened my door for me like a driver, I managed to murmur my thanks as I got in and he gently closed it behind me before hoping in himself, he had always preferred to drive rather than "Be driven around like some over-privileged toddler." Besides, drivers didn't speak or cut people off, and Amory had always taken such pleasure in that.

As he maneuvered into the entrance lane of the freeway he flipped on the stereo and Frank Sinatra began to pour out, filling the car with The Way You Look Tonight. I tried not to think of what we used to do to that song. I exhaled pushing my hair out of my face,

"What happened?" I asked. His eyes had been glued to the cars ahead of us, but now I watched them dart to the ceiling of the small car.

"There was a car accident. He broke a few ribs, some internal bleeding, a broken leg, and a concussion,"

"Oh my god!" I nearly screamed, suddenly awake and terrified, "Is he alright, is he conscience?"

"Yes. How would he ask for you otherwise?" Amory said as if I was completely idiotic, bring back not so far off memories, "He came around within 24 hours of the incident."

"When was it? What happened?"

"Well, I called you yesterday. And that was the 27th, so guess the 25th." He said with some consideration. It had happened three days ago?

"Why didn't someone call me right away?" I asked, suddenly upset for horribly selfish reasons. Why, out of all my friends in the city, had Amory called me, two days after the fact?

"Yes well, we couldn't exactly locate you at first. It's only Liam and I you know. Mae's at home for spring break and we have yet to tell Parker. Hunter obviously couldn't give us a hotel name as at this point he seems to be having trouble remembering exact details." At this he took a hand off the steering wheel to run it through his hair shaking his head and looking incredibly worried. "And Parker and I couldn't even remember exactly which city you were staying in. He figured it was Naples, but we couldn't locate which hotel you were at, so I gave up and called your cell, which I wasn't sure would work, as not all are international. Luckily it was." I nodded,

"You have to understand Annette, it was really frantic at first, you know, calling his family, staying with him, worrying, we didn't really think of it until he started asking for you."
"Its fine." I said slowly. "I'm here now." He nodded, and with that we drove in silence the rest of the way to St. Mary's Hospital to see our broken friend, two once perfect people, now very broken ourselves.