As I gaze silently across the night sky

I search for answers;

Many, many answers,

Answers that are beyond me.

I gaze inquisitively up into the sky,

And silently seek answers.

Answers that are based upon our reality,

How was the world formed?

Why are we here?

And why are we who we are?

The stars try to answer me,

But across the distance

The message is blown away.

I am lost and feel stranded,

I have no where to go,

No one to turn to.

Who do I ask these questions?

Questions that are based upon our reality.

The inky blackness of the sky

Tries to interfere with the stars,

Attempting to connect with me.

Stars that shine so bright

And hang so high.

Stars that try to guide me,

Try to find me.

To reach the sky,

I will need to fly,

Fly so high,

Above the gleaming horizon.

I will fly so high,

To answer the questions that I seek.

How was the world formed?

Why are we here?

And why are we who we are?

The answers that I seek

Do not seem so bleak

In comparison to the void in my heart.

But I do not wish to part

With these questions that I ask.

My heart yearns for the knowledge,

Knowledge that I know will surround me,

Surround me to a blissful oblivion,

Until finally,

I will know all the answers

That I am meant to know.

Sometimes I feel,

As if the answers I seek

Are not real.

For I ask myself

What is real and what is not?

But then again how am I to know?

The sky that hangs above me

Seems to suffocate me.

How do I try

To keep the sky away from me,

Whilst keeping the stars close to my heart?

As the stars twinkle, I search for the answers that need.

That I can't live without,

That I can't breathe without.

How was the world formed?

Why are we here?

And why are we who we are?

The skies size tries to surround me,

I can't breathe,

I can't see.

Darkness has consumed me,

Abyss is near me.

I need to get out,

I need to escape,

If darkness consumes me,

I shall be lost forever.

I see a star,

I grasp it,

And pull myself out.

I pull myself to the light.

Have I saved myself?

Or was it the star that saved me?

The answers that I seek,

Seems to have the urge,

To consume me,

To concur me,

To destroy me.

I have realised

That what I seek,

Will not easily be found.

For the sound of the stars

That try to unite with me,

Are lost as soon as they find me.

The reason for this

Is the answers I seek

I am not ready to hear.