The Diary of a Moron

By: Sarah Brown

When I was ten years old, I discovered the art of writing. Now I know what you're thinking, 'Roses are red, Violets are blue,' that sort of thing. Well it wasn't. In fact I was writing short stories by the end of my fifth grade year. I continued writing through middle school, incorporating my love for N'SYNC, and my Star Wars obsession into them. Upon turning fifteen my skill of writing progressed, and I began reading more. Mostly trashy, smutty novels that came in handy on cold, lonely nights. But also the classics, Pride and Prejudice, The Hobbit, The Scarlet Letter, boring things that end with a morale lesson.

So I took things from those stories, and began to write my own. Afraid of what my friends and family would think, I posted them online and let strangers review them. Things seem to be going pretty well. Unfortunately, I think it all sucks. So then I sat down and thought about every story I have written. And like most fiction, I realizes that they are just figments of my imagination. They are dreams that I want to become reality. My characters are the spitting images of Mary Jane with their perfect up bringing and their handsome prince charmings. And after realizing that, I knew that people are bored of hearing the fairy tale, happily ever after ending. What people want is the truth. The real nitty gritty truth. Not the tale of the ugly duckling turned prom queen swan. But the story of the normal girl who sits in the classroom wishing she was like the cheerleaders, or the valedictorian, but never will be them. Im that girl.

So I thought to myself again, something that I do a lot, and I figured, my life is random and entertaining, so why not write it? So here it is, my life, the truth. Im not gorgeous, I'm not Mary Jane, I definitely don't have a prince charming, and I have no chance of having a happily ever after...