Ish-kabish Happens...

Good days for me are rare. Rare as say...a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Well you will probably say, you never find the end of a rainbow. There's your answer...Sarah has no happy days. Even if by some miracle something good happens, it doesn't affect the overall day. Something just comes right along and slaps me in the face. And here's how it goes...

Millington Central High School has finally been blessed with a new school building. And I have finally been granted a drivers licensee! Unfortunately, what I haven't been given is a break! My parking spot was right beside the old school, but now, after moving into the new one, my spot is located approximately one half of a mile away. So instead of getting to school before the bell rings, I have to get to school twenty minutes before the bell rings!

And this glorious morning happens to bring a thunderstorm. So picture this, a lake, with cars around it, and me, in the middle of it. And Lord knows Im not Jesus, so, I have to walk through it! So after about seven minutes, I get into the school, my shoes soaked, and I make my way to my locker.

Luckily nothing bad happens, for about thirty minutes. I see some friends and wave and smile, hiding my true feelings like, 'Oh man you look so gross!' or 'You're hair looks like you stuck your finger in a light socket!' because Im a nice person. And nice people don't say things like that to peoples faces, unless they piss me off. And so I continue my trek to my spanish class. Now something yo unwed to know is that my spanish teacher is seriously crazy. Not crazy as in 'Let's cha-cha' but crazy as in... 'Lets do the meringue and sing La Coucaracha all that the same time!'... Hence my predicament.

I sit down in my desk and look around saying 'Hi' to my friends and smiling like I love being at school. Which I don't. In fact, I despise school! What normal teenager would like school? Honestly! So I sit there and begin the day. Another horrible day in the life of Sarah A. Brown. I tap my pencil on the desk, surely annoying those around me, and watch as 'Psycho Senorita' prances around the classroom. Yes, I said prances.

Then she stops, and in true psycho fashion, begins her lesson.

"Today, we are going to watch a movie about a famous Argentinian! Her name is Evita," she began. That was when I turned her on mute. Turns out the movie had Madonna in it...a white, english lady playing a south american woman? I don't think so. I admit the music was all right, and the fact that it had Antonio Banderas in it was a plus.

And then finally, the bell rings! I pull myself out of the desk and walk out into the crowded hallway. I hate people, I say to myself as I shove people out of my way. Why is it that with sixteen foot wide hallways, people decide to crowd themselves ride in the middle? WHY!? I will never understand stupid people.

So after finding my class I realize it's time for the crow. Now the crow isn't the bird, or the poem by Edgar Allen Poe, but a teacher. A very very very scary teacher. Her voice never changes, nor does she smile. She is too smart for her own good and hears everything! Including when I said fuck (An experience I don't want to relive). But I shall give her credit. She is an awesome teacher, but I hate her methods.

Luckily I sit in the back so she cant see me texting my friends, or writing notes. So as her monotone voice drones on I sit and imagine myself in Sarahland. Now Sarahland is a wonderful place, much like the Never Never Land, only for adults. Here, every fantasy I have becomes reality...everyone. It's also my place where I sit and have target practice with everyone I hate. So Im in Sarahland when all of a sudden I her a sweet voice calling me.

I look up at my friend Britney, sweet innocent Britney. She really is a good friend and person and one of the nicest people I know. So I smile and reply, "Yes?"

"Umm, I was wondering if you had the answer to number three?" She asked with a nervous giggle.

"Yea, here." I answer and hand her my paper with all the answers.

She smiles and takes it, leaving me to my solitude once more. I look around and examine those around me. There's Carla, the bitch who thinks she can get everything she wants but is dead wrong. Then there's Cayla, a bulimic cheerleader who stalks her ex-boyfriend. And then finally there's Kim, a tall skinny girl who is clueless to her surroundings.

Now I know that you thinking Im a cynical bitch right? Well Im really not. I am a bitch sometimes, most times, but I really am a nice person. This story hasn't even begun and you should really wait before making you assumptions on my character.

So that is my english class pretty much, a fifty five minute lecture hall full of people who are either idiots, or too smart for their own good. I sit there counting the minutes until the bell rings then thank goodness it does. So I crawl out of the room, half asleep and head down to my favorite class ever, A.P. Biology! I walk in and sit down. To my right is Terry Netzel...the asshole who is a self absorbed little prick. But he's all right really, I mean I liked him for about a year so that accounts for something right? doesn't. So the real day begins...a day with the guy who broke my heart once sitting next to me. This is the real love story, no lies, just the truth...and it starts with this...I hate him...