Love Sucks Wang!

...I do hate Terry Netzel...Just writing his name makes me want to vomit. A lot. Theres something you must know about Mr. Netzel before I get into the whole situation. Terry is a asshole. Unfortuantely, he is an asshole that I am in love with. He likes to play with the girls who like him, mess with my head, and be a major smart ass. But otehr than that, he is like a normal guy, stupid. Boys! I will never understand them!

So I look over at him and lift my eyebrow, glancing at whatever he is doing. Which would be his biology homework from the previous night. So the teacher comes in, we exchange a few glares and checks before copying down the notes. So the class period we are learning about Genetic Disorders. Well, there just so happens to be a picture of a little girl with Down Syndrome on it. Well I wasnt really paying attention to that but I see, out of the corner of my eye, Terry looking from his book, to me, then back to his book.

"Dont say it slut." I whisper.

Well, he does anyway, "You know, you could pass for a Down kid." He grins and begins his laughing fit.

I casually lift my middle finger and look back up at the board, "Yea well, least I dont have Kleinfelters like you." I smile kindly and laugh.

Well as smart as Mr. Netzel is, he is number 3 in the class, he had to look that one up. I laughed and laughed hard until he finally read it. Boy howdy he wasnt ahppy with that one!

Thats how we are, we bite each others head off, but we always look out for each other. Its a weird bond him and I, but I do know that eventually we will probably end up together, much to his motehrs delight. Sorry but before I continue I want to let you know that Terry hates my father, and my fatehr hates Terry. But, his parents adore me! Its great rubbing that one in his face! I know that I sound mean but if you really really knew Terry then you would get it. He is the kind of guy who laughs when you fall down a flight of stairs and dosent ask you if you're okay. And he is also the guy who rips your heart out, hold it in front of his face and strangles the shit out of it while laughing hysterically.

So thats how biology class passes. When the bell rings we head to my locker to dump the twenty pound books in. Who spends their time writing all this crap about science? Are people that bored? Or are they just not getting any? Answer that Einstein! After saying bye and exchanging our final checks I head off to choir. This is probably the best part of my day, besides lunch because Im a fat kid.

Our choir is led by a 40 year old, pre menopausal, woman. She is much like the crow only a little bit more entertaining because she trips over everything! So I trhow my things under my seat and sit there watching everyone scramble in. Well the bell rings and class begins! Yahoo! Cant you read the excitement? Please! It's not all terribly bad, I am a very good singer, good enough to be section leader, which I am. Unfortunately my title pissed off a few of my senior friend who should have gotten it, and by she being pissed, her little posse got pissed too. But whatever, Im the leader so they shall obey my authority!

So we start singing and the time passes surprisingly fast, except when we have to stop because the tenors flated again. The tenors always flat! What is so freaking hard about lifting! DAMN PEOPLE! If I were Ms. Thomas, the director, I would tape their freaking eyeborws to the hairline to make them lift! But no, she stops us all and makes us do it again, and again, and again until they get it right. Man if ONE of my girls flatted I would bust them out so hard and make sure they never did it again. But tahts the way I operate, you are in CONCERT CHOIR, and we do NOT tolerate mistakes! EVER!

Lunch Time! This is the absolute best thing ever! Too bad there is really no one in D lunch, the food is all cold or gone, and the coke machines are all empty. But other than that, it's not too shabby! I get in line and wait, tapping my foot, while people start to cut in front of me. At our school, you either have balls, or you are dead. I like to keep my mouth shut. Being shot over a chicken sandwich dosent appeal to me very much. But thats how it goes down in Millington. So I let it go, like a lot of things, and I just get a bag of chips. Chips, they are safe and untouched in their little air tight baggie, until you read that the expiration date was a few MONTHS AGO! Millington is so poor I dont know how the hell we ended up with a new school!

So I sit down with my stale chips and begin munching. I look at all my friends and just sort of zone out, not really in the mood to talk. I think about all my other friends who have B lunch and wish I was with them. Not saying that the ones Im sitting with now are bad it's just, they are weird.

I have two sets of friends. The first set, is the band fags...thats FAGS...They are not neccesarily gay, just fruity. Very, very fruity. I mean I could always blow them off and sit with my other friends, my friends who happen to be popular. But of course that would trigger another fight, much like the one in eighth grade where my friend Kathryn called me superficial. And because of that remark I called her a jealous bitch who wanted to be like me. Harsh right? But it was true. I dont say things unless they are completely or 99.99999 true. So thank God when the bell rings signaling that lunch is over. So I hurry my fat ass up the stairs to my AP History class. Gosh this class sucks so much wang you could never imagine! And guess who is in it? Just guess!

I bet you five bucks and my left nipple that you figured it out. Thats right, I said nipple. Anyway, Mr. Netzel and I have been seperated by the teacher because we talk to much and hinder the class from fully expanding their minds with bullshit history things. But seriously are teacher did seperate us because we talk and check each other too much. But it dosent matter, we still yell at each otehr across the classroom. And the whole class is almost positiv that John Brown is related to me.

I shall pause and tell those of you who dont know John Brown his significance in this chapter. John Brown was a famous abolitionist from Ohio who used a machetee and began chopping up people. Be led the raid on Harper's Ferry, which was very unsuccessful. He was caught, killed, and remebered as a martyr. So technically he wasnt ALL that bad. But everyone thinks that since he was psychotic and the fact that his last name is Brown, that we are somehow cosmically related. Crazy, I know.

This class surprisingly passes quickly. I mean, mostly becuase Im yelling at terry after he checks me and I tell him Im going to cut his ass. He stops then...for about a minute.

Sixth period is Hebrew Scriptures. This class is a breeze and I dont even want to mention it. I mean its boring to talk about, even though it has Jeff in it. Jeff, oh you dont know about Jeff do you? Well Jeff is my distraction right now. See I know that I like Terry, but I dont like to think about it. Instead I really push someone else into my head and try to make myself like them. Jeff is the man with the plan right now. But other than him, there are idiots, and a girl with an obsession for her best friend that sits in front of me. This girl is so crazy! I mean I thought me liking my best friend was bad but she takes it to a whole different level! And the worst thing about it is that I have to sit there and listen to her drag it on and on and on and on and on FOREVER! Until the bell rigns at least.

So let me guess, right now you are thinking, this girl is just writing about a school day. Big whoop. She is a whiny, complaining bitch who needs to get over it. Right? You are partly true, but not totally. I mean, school is fifty times worse then how I decribed it. Seriously! But the real funny things start when I get home. You have not met a disfunctional family until spending a minute in the Brown household...