This is not an update. Sorry. I just wanted to put something up so that if people are checking on this story or have it on their favourites or whatever they'll know that I'm actually re-writing Caught in the Rain. It's up as a new story on this username, called Waiting on the World. Though after disapppearing for so long, I can't say much, it'll really mean a lot if you read and reviewed it. (I'm just copying the part below from the AN of the prologue.)

All your favourite characters will be back (Noel, Noah, Tyler, ahaha, Kendall.) But I've completely ditched the Lady Fate and switched at birth scenario. I started CITR when I was fourteen, and I've changed so much since then, that I really just cannot continue it. Plus, I don't believe in fate anymore. Haha. :D But I'll leave it up here, just to remind me where I've started from.

I'm not going to make promises that will just be broken, but believe me, I will try my utmost to see Waiting on the World to its conclusion. I've had these characters in my head since I was…fourteen. I've got to get their story out to avoid schizophrenia. ;) Plus, I actually have a general plan for this story. I know, freak out. That should prevent me from meandering away after four chapters.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and hopefully I'll hear from you soon:D