Keys. Where are the keys? Damn it.

The man searched in vain in his pockets for the keys to the car he was standing next to. He just wanted to get away from there. What was happening to him? Yet who cared? Who exactly cared about what had gone on that night. Not him.

His career was down the drain, although he wasn't thinking about that right then. What had happened, if it ever got out, would probably spell doom for the man and the place where it had happened.

Where? Where the fu-oh. Here they are. Bloody hell, in my coat all along. You're losing it, man. You're losing it, or have you already? Who knows? Right. Get on with it.

He put the key in the lock. Turned. Click. He got in, and shut the door. Once inside, he took a moment to compose himself. Finally, he turned the key in the ignition.

Ignition? Hadn't that already happened tonight? Ignition? Right, I'm off now.

The man put his foot down, and drove out of the car park. He turned silently out of the car park, and along the road. No one saw him go. No one saw as the navy blue BMW turned out of the car park. No one saw as he picked up speed along the road, and disappeared into the murky blackness of the night.

No one saw me. No one saw.