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Chapter 1

"I...I can't believe it." I muttered, my eyes still glued to the piece of paper in my hands.

My older sister, Chiaki, leaned over my shoulder to see what I was looking at. "Can't believe what?" she asked. "Is that from Yuhara?"

I nodded dumbly before handing her the letter. She looked at it over for a moment, then gave it back to me. For a second I thought I saw a glimmer of anger in her chocolate brown eyes. But that was stupid, right? This was good news. She should be happy for me. But then again this was my evil sister...

"Great job, Ayano." she said, dryly. "You got accepted. Yays for you."

Feeling the sudden excitement fill me I totally forgot about Chiaki and leapt off the couch, doing a happy little jig. I'd gotten accepted to Yuhara High School! I was so happy I could've died right then and there. I had to tell mom.

Quickly I ran from the room waving the letter frantically, and found my mom sitting at the kitchen table reading a newspaper. Why was she reading the newspaper this late in the evening? Oh, who cares? I GOT ACCEPTED TO YUHARA HIGH SCHOOL!

"Mom! Mom! Check this out!" I shoved the letter into her face before thinking, startling her from her reading. "I, uh, just checked the mail out and look!" I was bursting with so much pride and happiness that I had to be glowing.

My mom blinked at me confusedly, then took the letter and skimmed over it like Chiaki had. Why couldn't anyone be as excited as me about this?! I got accepted to Yuhara High School for God sake! One of the best schools in Tokyo!

"That's wonderful, dear. This is the school you studied so hard to get into, isn't it? Congratulations!" She smiled at me warmly.

"I know! Isn't this cool? Now I can go to school with-" I gasped and clamped my hands over my mouth. Shit. I'm screwed.

"What?" my mom looked at me suspiciously. "Go to school with who, Ayano?"


"Tsukade Naoki."

I cringed at hearing my sisters voice behind me. She wasn't supposed to tell anyone that! Especially not our boy-hating mother that won't let us date until we're out of high school! I could've killed Chiaki. What a backstabber!

"Chiaki!" I growled, looking her square in the eye.

Chiaki merely shrugged at me as if she didn't care. Bitch.

"A boy?" our mom sounded peeved. "Who is he? Is he your boyfriend, Ayano? If he is you're in big trouble!"

"But, mom! I got accepted to Yuhara! Isn't that what's most important? Who cares why I wanted to be accepted?"


"Ugh. Thanks, Chiaki."

"I didn't do anything." Chiaki said innocently. "Besides, mother has the right to know the truth about your...problems."

Ohhhhh, that bitch.

"What problems?"

"Mom, don't believe her! She's lying!"

"Don't say things like that about your sister, Ayano." my mom said patiently, now giving Chiaki her full attention. This wasn't going to be good... "Chiaki, who's this Tsukaka Naiko boy?"

"Tsukade Naoki!" I yelled before thinking. Once again I clamped my hands over my mouth, as if that would really help me now. I'm so dead.

Chiaki seemed to be thoroughly enjoying this. She smiled sweetly at our mom. "He's the reason why Ayano wanted to get into Yuhara in the first place." Then as an afterthought she said: "He's also like one of the most popular guys in that school. Supposed to be a bad boy or something. Y'know, a druggie."

Lies! All horrible lies! Naoki was the farthest thing from being a drugged up bad boy! He was a sweet and wonderful guy! Jeez, did Chiaki even know who he was? Tch, of course not. She just wanted to piss me off and get me in trouble. Like always.

"I can't believe this! My own daughter going after a drug addict. Ayano, you will not be attending this school. I won't allow it."

Chiaki smiled as I sank to my knees, the disappointment overwhelming me. I looked at my sister with wide eyes. How could she be so mean? Sure, she'd always been awful to me, ever since we were little I remembered her kicking sand in my eyes when we were at the beach or pushing me down a flight of stairs and nearly killing me. But this! Preventing me from getting closer to my dream guy! How could she?!

Chiaki has always been the perfect daughter; long wispy auburn hair and a pair of large clear brown eyes, A's in every class, never cusses, never argues with anyone. Perfect. However that's just the front she puts on in front of mom. In reality Chiaki's a slutty boy-crazy bitch that only wants to see me cry. I can't stand her.

Me, on the other hand, I'm pretty plain compared to my make-up queen older sister. I have dark red hair that's layered above my shoulders, green eyes, and a figure that I considered bulky. Maybe even fat. I don't get the best grades, my highest being a C-, and I always argue and cuss. That's just who I am. I don't bother to put on a plastic front like my sister does.

"Mom, please!" I begged. "Forget about Naoki for a sec! Yuhara is like one of the best high schools in Tokyo! Chiaki gets to go to a good high school, so why shouldn't I? I wanna transfer for other reasons too."

"Like what?" Chiaki challenged.

I glared at her. "I'm talking to mom. Not you."

"What other reasons, Ayano?" mom asked, some of her anger dying.

"Like..." I thought for a moment. "Oh! Like they have a soccer club and I've always wanted to join a soccer club."

"Ha!" Chiaki snorted. "She wants to join the soccer club because-"

I jumped up and slapped a hand over her mouth just in time. Whew. Thank, God. That's one way to shut her up. With some effort I managed to get her into the living room and remove my hand.

"What the hell is your problem?!"

"Tch, you think you can just enter a new school because you like some guy?" Chiaki smirked. "How do you even know he likes you?"

"I...I just know, ok? Now please shut up and stop trying to make mom pissed at me. Thanks to you I now have to convince her to let me go to Yuhara!"

"Whatever. You don't have a chance in hell with him anyway. That much is obvious. I don't know why you even bother."

I flushed with anger. "Look, just because you put out to get guys-"

"I don't 'put out', Ayano." she said, annoyed. "I give guys what they really want. They don't want some fat little shrimp like you. Trust me."

At this point I was too angry to even speak. I let her trot upstairs to leave me steaming in the living room. Shrimp? She was only three inches taller then me! Besides, 5' 0" isn't short. It's not like I'm a midget. And as far as being fat... I looked down at my overly curvy figure and winced. Ok, maybe she had me there. But we can't all be slim little sticks like her, now can we? Some of us actually eat.

Deciding to ignore my evil sister, I made my way back into the kitchen to try to convince my mom to allow me to go to Yuhara. I swear I must be the only kid having to beg their mom to let them attend Yuhara, since practically everyone wanted their kids in that school. Why must everything be so difficult for me? Did everyone else have these problems? I think not.

Now maybe this is a good time to explain exactly how I met Naoki, and why I'm going through all this trouble to be closer to him. It all started on a sunny Monday afternoon as I was on my way home from school. I always walk alone since Chiaki, my ever so wonderful sister, walks with her current boy toy. But today I had decided to take a short cut since...well, this dog attacked me.

I think it was a stray dog, and the bastard suddenly lunged at me out of nowhere and nearly bit my leg off. I ran, of course, like a bat out of hell, not really thinking or caring where I was running to since I had a huge mean dog snapping at my heels. As I turned a corner I came to a large white stone building that I thought was a library. Turns out it was Yuhara High School.

I dashed around to the back of the school and kept going until I found a tree to climb. I scrambled up the tree and grabbed onto a branch for dear life, while the dog caught hold of my shoe in its mouth and ripped it off my foot.

"Gah! Get away from me you monster!" I shrieked.

But the dog just continued to bark hysterically up at me, my shoe falling from its mouth and into the grass. Shit, shit, shit. I didn't know what to do. I didn't have my cell phone on me at the time, so I was pretty much stuck until the dog got bored and left. But wait. Maybe there was someone around that could help me.

With hopeful eyes I glanced through the tree leaves to find a soccer field behind the building. That's when I realized that it was a school. I could see a group of kids my age kicking around a soccer ball and calling things out to each other. Yes! I'm saved! Well, I would be saved as soon as I got someone's attention.

"Hey! Hey, can anybody hear me?! Help! I need help!" I yelled as loud as I could, but the dogs constant barking deafened my cries. "Shit! Can't you shut the fuck up for a damn second?!" I growled. It didn't phase the beast one bit, and it kept on barking. Dammit.

I felt like a cat stuck up a tree with a barking dog below. Which was true except for the cat part. Why did I even climb this damn tree to begin with? Oh, yeah. That's right. I'm stupid.

"Hey, get away from there!"

My eyes quickly lowered to the sound of the voice. The barking had stopped and now I could see a boy my age standing near the tree with a soccer ball under one arm. I couldn't see his face real well because those damn tree branches were in the way, but I saw that he was wearing a yellow and white soccer uniform. The dog was still by the tree, growling at the boy now instead of me.

"Oh, shit! Be careful!" I heard myself saying. "I think its got rabies!"

Once again the voice drifted up to me. "Are you ok up there?"

"Uh, yeah..."

The dog abruptly shot forwards towards the boy, its jaw open and ready to bite. But the boy let the soccer ball go and, with reflexes and speed I didn't know a human could posses, kicked it and sent it slamming into the dogs face. The dog let out a surprised yelp as it was knocked backwards by the force of the blow. I stared down at all this in amazement.


Once the dog had ran away whimpering, I heard the voice again, this time closer.

"Need help getting down?"

I gazed down at my savior, whose face I could now see perfectly from where he stood at the base of the tree. He was looking up at me with the most beautiful honey colored eyes I'd ever seen. His hair was golden blond and laid messily on his head. I wanted to sit there on that branch forever and just stare at him, but that would be dumb. So I just nodded dazedly.

Before I knew what was even happening my shoeless foot slide on the branch and I was caught off-balance. I yelped as I fell backwards right into a pair of strong arms that saved me from hitting the hard ground. On instinct I wrapped my arms around his neck and shut my eyes tightly, biting my lower lip. That was a heart attack that I definitely didn't need.

Slowly it dawned on me what had just happened and I snapped my eyes back open to meet his. What pretty eyes he had. They were even prettier up close... Wait. Up close? I gasped, letting go of his neck as if it were a hot stove and blushed profusely, unable to meet his eyes now. I'm such a dork. This guy probably thought I was crazy. Or retarded.

"You ok?" he asked.

"U-Uh, yeah!" I said, stuttering a little. Dear, God. He was still holding me! My face had to be one hundred shades redder then a tomato.

"Good." He gently set me down on my feet, blushing a little himself. "Here's your shoe."

"Oh, thanks." I said, taking my shoe from him. "And thanks so much for helping me. I didn't think anyone heard me."

"Well, I was just heading to the field and I heard the dog barking. Then I came and saw someone in the tree so..." He smiled at me. "Glad I could help!"

I loved his smile. So kawaii! He had a nice body to, not that I noticed or anything! But I guess I did sorta notice since I just thought it was nice. He had an athletic form, not too thin or too muscular, but just right. I liked that. I liked him. What was his name?

"What's your name?" he asked, beating me to the question.

"Minami Ayano. Yours?"

"Tsukade Naoki."

Naoki? Even more kawaii!

"You don't go to this school, do you?" he said, gesturing towards my school uniform.

"No, I go to Toryu." I said sheepishly.

"Really? Have you ever thought about going to Yuhara? It's a really good school."

"Yuhara? Heh, yeah right. I could never pass the Entrance Exam for that school."

"Sure you could." Naoki pointed to the school building. "I go there. You should give it a try."

I blinked. "That's Yuhara?"

Naoki laughed. "You're cute, Minami. Why don't you try to get in? We could hang out sometime."

Someone called his name and I watched him as he waved good-bye to me and jogged over to the soccer field. Had he just called me 'cute'? No guy had ever called me cute before! It was then that I decided that I had to get into Yuhara. No matter what the cost.