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Chapter 1- Plane to Hell

Tyler Rose was a fresh, tenth grade graduate from Hockaday School for Girls in Dallas, Texas. It was a private school, uniforms and all, going from kindergarten to the senior high school year. In others terms, it held everything from psychotic, demon children to well-matured, driving women, or so they wished to be called when graduating from the place fully.

As well as being a sophomore graduate, Tyler was old for her grade, just having turned to grand age of seventeen. She was a well-rounded young lady, with a polite attitude and stylish appearance, at least when in eyes of adults. When it came to friends, she was a wild girl, back to the wonderful days of parties and dances.

But her parents hadn't liked that at all.

No, they wished their daughter to be the perfect young lady, hence the reason she was placed in the all girls school, a hell hole if there ever was one. Hockaday was better than most, but being a public school girl, Tyler hadn't been all too ecstatic about the change during her eighth grade year.

Not she walked down the street that led to her home, auburn hair in a high ponytail that still danced around her shoulders slightly and bright hazel eyes shining with exuberance. Her friend, Jules Lychel, walked beside her, grin in place. She was a plump figure of a girl, a good four inches shorter than Tyler's five-foot-eight frame.

Tyler had her book bag slung on her left shoulder, and her right arm wrapped around the shoulders of her best friend, who was laughing and talking swiftly due to the fact that school was out for the summer. Summer. The word had never sounded better to the both of them, who thoroughly detested the private school their parents made them attend.

"Ah! I can't believe that was my final year there!" Tyler was saying happily, flashing a broad smile at staring bystanders.

Jules cocked an eyebrow in a rather comical way. "Yeah. I wouldn't have been able to stand another two there. Which public school are you attending for your junior and senior years?"

A puzzled look came across Tyler's face as she pondered the question. "I really don't know. My parents said it was a surprise."

"A surprise? School? A hell-full thing there, no doubt."

Tyler knocked Jules a few steps over playfully and sprinted forward a few paces before bounding around in a circle. "Ah, don't be a fun-killer."

Jules shrugged. "Hey, I'm just saying what I think. Hockaday was a surprise for me."

Tyler winced. "Crap. I'm screwed, yeah?"

Jules grinned. "Probably." She turned to group of girls passing and caught sight of their other friend. "Ya'll com'n ta the party t'night?"

A few of the girls shook their heads with scowls, but the majority gave Jules grand smiles and quickly replied with an enthusiastic 'yes'. Jules turned to Tyler with a happy smile and stopped at her friend's angry expression.


Tyler gave her a withering look. "You know they hate parties."

"Just this one?"

"How 'bout you go and talk to them 'bout it?"

Jules grimaced. "Eh- no."

"I thought that much. Naw, I'll just hang with ya'll tomorra."

"We can postpone the party and you could tell your parents that we're going to the movies when we really go to the party."

"I'm sure everyone'll wanna postpone the party," Tyler replied dryly. "Naw, ya'll go on without me."

Jules gave her a sympathetic hug and called goodbye to the other group of girls. "All the guys'll be there. You can look for a cute one."

Tyler rolled her eyes. "Are ya kidding me? I'm not going ta any party because of guys!"

"Ya sure?" Jules had a gleam in her eyes that made Tyler swat her lightly.


"Fine, be that way. Ya're a fun-killer, ya know?"

"Yeah, I know."

Jules hit her back and walked forward, laughs bubbling from her. Tyler tried to hold the same happiness that had recently beheld her, but now it seemed to have vanished with thought of her 'surprise' and not being able to go to this end of school party.

They were at her house in a few minutes, a two story, iron-gated monstrosity with two garages and a pool. Jules hugged her friend goodbye and set off to her house, which was a block over. Tyler opened the gate and walked up the drive to the door, which was cracked open slightly.

She stepped in with a contented sigh and looked around the empty room. No balloons? No banners? This was odd. And what was with the suitcases? We aren't going on vacation so soon? Tyler walked into the large family room and saw piles and piles of boxes. Vacation with the works. She looked at the T.V., except- it wasn't there. Damn it! Not the T.V.!


The hassled-looking for of Mrs. Rose came down the stairs to look at her furious daughter. "Yes, Tillah?"

Tyler glared at her mom, not even realizing the different pronunciation of her name. She knew her mother couldn't really help it, having been born in England and later moving to Texas and living there the rest of her life. She had gotten used to Tillah.

"Where the hell is everything?"

Mrs. Rose gave her daughter a reproving glance. "Ladies don't speak like that."


Mrs. Rose's face went from a frown to a delighted smile. "This is the surprise!"

"Ah…?" Tyler looked around. "Stealing from our own home?"

Mrs. Rose shook her head. "No, Tillah! We're moving!"


Tyler glanced around hastily, eyes wide in shock and mouth gaping. She stared at her mom with horror all across her face. "Repeat yourself."

"I know it's rather quick, but your father got a new job and we're moving to California."

Tyler raised her eyebrows. California? The wannabe surfer-land? Second in command for fruitcake-central, just under New York? My mom has to be lying.

"Funny joke, Mom. Tell."

Mrs. Rose gave her a funny glance. "No, I'm telling ya the truth. We're moving to California. Ya father got a job 'n H'llywood."

"Hollywood?" Tyler mouthed. "The movie-central? Are you kidding me?"

"No, Tillah, I'm not."

"Grand, just grand. I suppose we're living in movie star land as well?"

Mrs. Rose nodded her head happily.

"Wonderful. Sounds so appealing."

Mrs. Rose stared harshly at her daughter. "Ya 'ill be 'tending a public school. One called Pinehill High. The Cougars."

"Now I'm a cat? Why do they think up such gay mascots?" Tyler glared at her mother. "Thanks for giving me so much choice in this."

Mrs. Rose stood her full height and gazed imposingly down upon her daughter. "You will not speak another word on this. Go pack a bag of things for the flight. We're leaving tomorrow morning."

"Hell to it," Tyler muttered angrily, shaking her head. "What about the house?"

"It will be sold. We'll earn money off of it to buy a nice house in H'llywood."

"Great, now we'll have a whole bunch of random people screwing up our house. How wonderful."

"Go up ta yon room 'n pack NOW!"


Tyler stomped up the stairs to her room and threw her remaining items into a bag. She grabbed her phone and hastily dialed Jules' number, angry tears running down her face.

"'Lo?" a tired voice asked.

"Hey, Mike, is Jules there?"

"Tyler? That you?"

"Yeah," Tyler answered tiredly. "Jules please."

"What's up? You sound down."

"Nothing. Now give Jules the phone. You can beat her for information later."

"Fine, fine," Mike laughed.

The line went quiet for a moment before Jules picked up.


"Hey, Jules? This is Tyler."

"Oh! Tyler! I'm so sorry!"

"What?" Tyler was shocked at this outburst.

"My parents just told me. They were lying, right?"

Tyler sighed heavily, tears still pouring down her face. She choked slightly on her next words, feeling the bulge in her throat. "N-No. I'm mov-moving."

Jules was silent. "Some surprise."

Tyler cradled the phone against her ear, crying openly. "A surprise!" she finally shrieked. "Some frickin' hell of a surprise!" She heard a loud intake of breath from the other end of the line and figured that her yelling had deafened Jules.


"Tomorrow," Tyler spat bitterly. "The damn move is tomorrow!"

"Calm down-"

"Calm down?! You'd be angry if your parents had just told you that you were moving to arrogant, fruitcake central!"

"I know, I know! But, consider it! We've always wanted to visit California."

"Visit is the key word there," Tyler angrily replied. "Not move on a day's notice!"

Jules was quiet for a moment. "A change might be good for you-"

"What?" Tyler's voice quivered with indignation. "Are you saying that you want me to leave?"

"No, Tyler!" Jules cried out in exasperation. "Maybe you need a change. Maybe Texas isn't for you! This public school in California might be the thing that allows you to break into your own life!"

"Of drugs and sex! I've heard about California. I'm happy here, thank you very much."

"No! All places have that!"

"We're talking about Hollywood," Tyler growled bitterly. "The people there are only famous because they were too high to think right when they made things and their works actually turned out creatable instead of like the normal crap!"

"Really, Tyler! Take a deep breath-"

"Burn in hell, Jules! Some friend you are! Telling me to my face to leave! Have better people to be with?"

"Oh, stop it, Tyler!" Jules sounded honestly distraught now.

"Oh, go lug your fat ass back to the couch and eat your junk shit," Tyler snapped. "I'm over you. You stupid bitch."

"Tyler! Really! You're being eccentric!"

"I'll show you eccentric!" Tyler promptly disconnected her line by yanking out the plug with an almighty heave and bloodcurdling shriek of anger.

Her twenty-three year old brother, Jay, popped his head into the room. "Ya 'right?"

Tyler glared at him. "I suppose you have known about this for a while."

"Yeah, but I'm not going."

"What?" Tyler stared at her brother openly. How could things get any worse?

"Naw, I'm not coming. I'm moving in with Cindy."

"Of course," Tyler said dryly. "Can't leave your girlfriend."

Jay winked at her. "Right on, li'l sis."

"Got to make sure you're there when your child is birthed?" Tyler growled.

Jay gave her a dirty look. "Funny. Cindy's a virgin."

"I'm sure."

Jay gave her the finger and pulled his head from the room. Tyler gazed moodily out the window as a large truck pulled up and was waiting by the gate. A loud buzz rang through the house as the trucker rang the 'gate open' button, and a few seconds later, Mrs. Rose called for Tyler to open the gates for the movers.

Tyler wiped away a few salty tears from her facer and walked down to the entrance. The trucker gave her a cheery wave and Tyler waved back, acting ignorant of his wishes. The man gave her a funny look and motioned towards the gates and for her to open them. Tyler imitated him and at his scowl, left. (Let him open them himself. Stupid bastard. Taking our stuff to California.)

The plane rumbled as it took off, and Tyler stared out the window as her brother's small form, arm draped around his girlfriend's shoulders, was lost from sight. They soared upwards into the clouds, and finally, even the ground was lost from view in the swirling masses of grey and white.

Tyler pushed looked around the first class section of the plane with disinterest, staring at the snobbish people who were obviously from California. Their atrocious accents gave them away.

Tyler looked at one man, a sunburned tourist with a cowboy hat on his head and a foolish grin. Gay loser. Didn't even put his frickin' sunscreen on. Asshole. What the hell is he wearing on his head? Some sort of mental Californian thing? I refuse to wear crap like that! Eh! Tourists!

Tyler sank moodily into her seat, breathing out with a huffing sigh. Her mother gave her a reproving glance, which she happily ignored. Thank goodness I'm not next to her! I have this whole row all to myself. How wonderful.

Her parents, like normal, had done everything to make this trip most enjoyable, which basically meant getting two-seat rows for each individual: Tyler, Mr. Rose, Mrs. Rose, and Shelby, the youngest member of the Rose family at eight years of age.

Already bored, though the flight had only been going on for fifteen minutes now, Tyler looked up at the ceiling. Buttons. I wonder what happens if I press every single one at the same time…

She grinned diabolically and reached up. Thinking about which one to press, she changed her mind and shoved her fingers onto all of them. A multitude of things happened at the same time. Four lights turned on, shining right into Tyler's eyes, which made her jump and pull back with a light curse. The oxygen mask also came flying down and hit her in the head. About ten seconds later, a flight attendant came up to her aisle and regarded her with interest.


Tyler rubbed her eyes and shoved the oxygen mask away. "What the hell do I do with this?" she asked quickly, as the flight attendant made to leave.

The woman regarded her with pity and smirked at her idiocy. "Here." She promptly shoved the stupid thing back up. Tyler smiled sweetly at her and rolled her eyes at the false smile returned. The flight attendant left without another word.

Tyler sighed again and leaned back, her eyes resting on the giant screen that had just come down. Wonderful. What stupid movie are we going to watch? Baywatch? I'm sure the Californian's would love that. Another T and A show for all those perverts out there.

The move started after the few previews, and Tyler closed her eyes in agony as the theme music started up and a white owl flew through some jagged, creepy letters. Like I haven't seen this yet!

She groaned as Harry came into view, under the blankets with his stupid magic stick. Ya! The movie creators are frickin' dimwits! Harry isn't allowed to do magic. They really read the books well, didn't they now? Argh! Godzilla is better than this crap!

The plane jostled back and forth in turbulent winds and Tyler was pulled from her sleep with an uncomfortable jolt. She looked around blearily as they broke through the clouds and flew over a bright city.

"If you look outside, you will see Los Angeles," the pilot's voice rang out lightly.

Against her will and thoughts of California, Tyler peered out her window over the dark city of Los Angeles. Smoggy wasteland. Looks good, but I bet it's full of gangsters and other bad crud.

The plane wavered a moment before continuing its downward descent. Tyler grabbed the arms of her chair tightly, her stomach rolling and nerves skyrocketing. She closed her eyes and held her breath as the plane made a gentle touchdown on the runway and glided speedily to a graceful halt.

Tyler opened her eyes slightly and looked around at the other passengers. None of them seemed the least bit harried or scared by the plane landing. Even her sister seemed fine. The little brat was happily humming away in her seat, drawing on the back of the leather seat with a green crayon.

Tyler ignored the seatbelt light and kept hers undone, awaiting the plane to come to a 'full and complete stop'. Not like they said that every time a plane landed. Tyler sat back arrogantly and adjusted her tight, red top. She might as well look good coming into California.

The plane halted and the seatbelt light went off. Simultaneously, seatbelts were unhooked and people got up to pull out their carry-on luggage. Tyler grabbed her black purse and checked her cell phone for messages. She felt a pang, remembering her fight with Jules earlier. Her best friend would have usually left her a good luck message. Of course, Tyler had called her fat, and she did know that Jules was extremely conscience of her slightly over-weight state.

Tyler shoved the phone back in and grabbed her white-covered i-pod. She flipped it to Eminem's 'Just Lose It' and happily hummed under her breath. Her mother gave her a look, but Tyler only increased her singing in volume.

"I'm gunna make you dance, it's your chance. Yeah boy, shake that ASS. Oops, I mean girl- girl, girl, girl. Girl, you know you're my world…."

Mrs. Rose grimaced at the language and Mr. Rose ignored it. The words went right over Shelby's head. Idiot child. Tyler smirked happily and followed the people out the plane and gave a small smile to the attendant that was wishing all the passengers a good time in LA.

Tyler stepped from the tunnel that led onto and off of the plane and into the loud, bustling airport of L.A.X. Mrs. Rose looked around happily and held Shelby's hand. Mr. Rose led them to the baggage claim area and grabbed a cart while allowing his family to watch for the luggage that had just started moving around on the revolving baggage claim.

"There's our bag! Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!" Shelby ran to the bag and fruitlessly tugged at it.

Tyler glared at her sister as a few people stared at her, and walked up and yanked the bag from the area and dropped it on the floor. "Wimp," she muttered under her breath.

Shelby glared at her and kicked her sister in the back of the leg. Tyler whipped around and looked at her jeans with a scowl. No dirt seen- that little brat! Tyler promptly picked up her sister as their mom wasn't looking and threw her onto the baggage claim.

Shelby shrieked as she sped away, holding onto luggage as tears rolled down her face. Tyler tried to look as small as possible as some people looked at her in surprise. Mrs. Rose turned around and gasped as her daughter was carried away amongst the luggage and followed after. As she ran, a thick man pulled Shelby from the luggage and placed her on the ground. Shelby scrambled up to her mom and the man smiled as he grabbed a bag and walked away.

Tyler smirked as her mom hugged Shelby and looked up at the ceiling as her mom came rushing at her and grabbed her by the ear. "That was a rotten thing ta do, ya hear?"

"I hear," Tyler mumbled under her breath as some people smirked at her.

She was let go and told to grab the rest of the luggage while her mom took Shelby to the bathroom. Ha! Stupid whelp wet her pants! Tyler sniggered as she pulled up a few more bags that held all the stuff they would need while they waited for the movers to come, and threw them on the cart her father had wheeled over. He looked around for his wife and youngest daughter and stared at Tyler.

"Where's yer mother?"

"Um…in the bathroom."


"Shelby wet her pants."


"Shelby wet her pants."

"Oh, alright. We'll wait."

Tyler grinned. This was why she loved her dad. Give him a straight answer and he didn't ask why or care. Of course, her mother was bound to tell him, and then she'd be in deep shit, but that was in the future.

Tyler rested her thumb in her back pockets as she rested her weight to the right and glanced around, fingering her black belt. She caught the eye of a Californian guy and smirked at him slightly. He grinned back and walked away. Tyler laughed faintly and pulled her hair up into a ponytail before returning to crowd-watching.

Five minutes later, her mom and sister returned, Shelby walking strangely, as if she had a wad of toilet paper shoved in her underwear. Of course, that was probably what had been done. Tyler smirked again and flipped open her cell phone idly, looking through her address book. She removed Jules from the address book with a scowl and flipped it closed again. Her mom watched her with a grim look and nodded towards the door.

They walked out to the parking lot, where a large, black SUV waiting. The driver opened the doors and put the luggage in the trunk. He closed the doors behind the Rose family and hopped back into his seat. The car was put into drive and they were promptly driven from L.A.X. to their new home in Hollywood.

Tyler awoke once more to the stopping of a transportation device. The black car rumbled to a halt and the driver got out and opened all the doors with a practiced hand. Tyler pulled herself tiredly from the seat and rubbed her eyes. She was awakened rudely from her drowsy state as her sister nailed her knee with a well-aimed kick.

Tyler hissed out breath and glared at her sister, who promptly ran to the house gates. Tyler looked up at the mansion she was standing before and groaned. Her parents hadn't worried about money, not that they had to, when buying this house. It was a huge three story creation with iron gates surrounding it. The garage was large enough to hold a two soccer fields side-by-side, and the backyard would have been able to hold two of her old house. The whole lot was easily a few acres. There was a massive pool with a connected Jacuzzi, a tennis court, and a badminton (what the hell?) court.

The guard (We have a guard?! stepped out of his quarters and came up to the vehicle. With a warm smile, he opened the gates and allowed the new residents to enter. Tyler shook her head in amazement as she looked at the immense, glass doors that led to the entrance hall of her house. A staircase wrapped around the room, going up to meet all three floors of the house. You could choose to take that or the elevator.

Tyler shook her head. Who needed an elevator in their house? That was mental! These Californians had really big issues concerning their houses. She took the stairs up to the third floor and wandered the hall until she came upon another room, a giant one that connected to another staircase that led down, most probably to the other floors, and two rooms. Tyler turned right and walked up three stairs to enter a large room with a balcony that overlooked the backyard and hills of Hollywood beyond that.

She threw her purse on her bed and opened the large walk-in closet. The closet was a room in itself! She rolled her eyes and opened the bathroom, which held sink, toilet, tub, and shower. The minor accessories consisted of towel and washcloth racks, as well as a minor rack with clothes hangers, no doubt put their to hold your new change of clothes when you were bathing. On both sides of the sink were cabinets, more than enough to hold all accessories.

Tyler gave a mocking laugh and left the bathroom and sat on the queen-sized bed. The room was a rather over-worked on place. There was a couch, a leather chair, two bedside tables and a built in desk area with a place in the center to hold a computer. There were four large shelves up on both sides, and three drawers down on each side. A built in light was positioned above the area where the computer could be put, as well as a bulletin board behind the computer area for things to be tacked up.

Tyler lay back on the bed, sighing out deeply. A loud huffing broke into her thoughts. She looked up with a thin smile and glared at her prissy-looking sister. She almost laughed out loud at the way she was standing; hands on her hips and weight to one side.

"Yeah, Brat?"

Shelby sniffed. "This is my room."

"I think not. Yours is across the large room that connects to both rooms.

"No. I don't want that one. I want this one."

"Cry about it."

"I'll tell on you."

"You go do that."

Shelby looked shocked at this lack of reply. She looked around the room, greedy eyes squinted in want. She stared back at her sister, knowing she wouldn't win this argument.

"Never mind. This room is smaller than the other one."

"So go get the larger room."

Shelby, knowing she had lost, left the room huffily and Tyler closed her eyes tiredly. There is no way hell could be worse than life.

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