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Chapter 3- Berating, Beating, and Mouthing

Tyler yawned and stretched, rolled out of her bed and hit the ground with a thud. Growling under her breath, she pulled herself to her feet and rubbed her eyes. Amazing. No alarm- shit! She grabbed her watch from her bedside table and her mind burst into a splendid display of alarming fireworks. 9:30? Just a little extra sleep.

She quickly pulled some clothes on and ran down the stairs. Checking her watch again, she bolted down some breakfast and grabbed her keys from the kitchen counter. She rushed out to the garage, hit the 'open' button, and hopped into her cooper. She revved the little car up and charged from the garage, speeding up the hill and braking to a jarring stop at the gate. The guard gazed at her funnily, but passed along a smile as he opened the gates as speedily as he could.

Tyler rushed through the gates and made it as hastily and safely as she could to school. Seeing the crowded lot, she cursed evenly and crawled towards her place, which was, to her utter indignation, taken…by a BMW. Scowling heavily and knowing she would be even later to class, she hopped out of her car and walked to the BMW. Remembering something her brother had taught her, she quickly got the necessities and hotwired the car. Grinning, she left it in the center of the exit to the student lot and drove her cooper into her place.

Hopping out, she locked the doors and checked her watch again. From the relative time and the sounds coming from the Quad, it was Break. She smiled thinly, realizing that she had missed two classes on the second day of school. Oh well, at least I got out of psychopath ceramic teacher's class.

She acted nonchalant as she ambled over towards the snack cart and leisurely bought some sun chips. Opening the bag slowly, she ate a few and glanced around, feeling, for the first time that day, rather depressed. It was quite hard, not knowing anyone in the school. Not that she'd want to be friends with those assholes making out in fair view of all modest-minded people- wait no one seemed modest-minded around here. Tyler rolled her eyes at all the couples and stepped away to a solitary area and finished her chips, her mood growing darker as every second passed.

"Tyler, right?"

"Yeah. You are?" Tyler said coolly a she spun a circle and faced the person talking to her. She did a double take at who it was, her false smile changing immediately to a smirk. "What do you want?"

The person was Aaron's sidekick, the two-faced loser that had dared look her over like something he owned. She arched an eyebrow and took an arrogant stance, her lips twisting into a sneer. The guy eyed her over quickly and came back to his senses.

"I'm Carter."

Tyler didn't hold back her laugh. "Wait- Aaron and Carter right? Are you kidding me? Did you guys get together and create that wannabe singer, or something? Or were your parents obsessed with the idiot?"

Carter reddened; obviously having heard such insults before. "You're a funny one, Tyler, but you're screwed."

Tyler eyed him cockily. "Oh really? Do tell."

Carter stared at her with a malicious glint in her dark eyes. "You're messing with the wrong guys, Texan."

Tyler rolled her eyes, wondering if Aaron had found out about his car yet. She couldn't wait to see his expression. Smirking slightly at her thoughts, she was barely listening to Carter's threats. Finally, she sighed and stared at him evenly.

"Let me put it nicely. I haven't been listening to you at all. I'm not bothered by your stupid, Californian ways and threats." She stared at him until he looked down.

"All I'm telling you is to not bother Aaron Shalt. You'll regret the rest of your sorry life if you do."

"Oh, go molest a light post," Tyler said with a yawn.

Carter looked stunned and turned away abruptly. Tyler stared at his back haughtily and turned towards her third period class as the warning bell rang with its obnoxious tones. She gave a short, coughing laugh and set off towards Tutlone's Algebra 2 class.

She got there in easy time, and sat in her desired chair by the back of the class. Ah, best place to sleep. The teacher can't see you if she isn't looking, especially when you have Fatass in front of you. As predicted, the massive girl sat in front of her, at least a head taller and quite a few times wider.

Tyler grinned self-contentedly and laid her head in her arms. Just as she was drowsing of, the second bell rang and made her jerk up in her chair. Scattered laughter met her ears, and Tyler had the grace to look embarrassed. Thank goodness Aaron or Carter, oh that sounds gay, aren't in here. That would have been a great start to our diabolical relationship.

She rubbed her eyes and raised her hand as her name was called briskly, by the young, emotional Mrs. Tutlone. As the last name was called, Mrs. Tutlone gave a happy smile to her class and set the roll on her table. She looked around the class and her eyes rested on the almost-sleeping Tyler's arm, which was dangling off her desk.

"Tyler Rose!" she called loudly, clapping her hands.

Tyler groaned and opened her eyes. Flushing again, she sat up. "Yes?" she answered groggily.

"This is not naptime."

"I know that. It's math time." Tyler answered in dry tones, her eyes almost rolling disrespectfully.

Mrs. Tutlone clicked her tongue over her teeth. "Alright, if you're so smart, why don't you tell everyone what is due today as last night's homework?"

"Ah- we had homework?" Crap! This day is already hell.

"Yes, yes. I'm sure you did it. It was about five seconds of work."

Tyler looked around the room at her classmates, all of which had one-inch white notebooks and signed papers on their desks. What is this- eighth grade? Next she'll want us to bring backpacks and lunchboxes.

"Yeah, I did it."



"Where is it?"

"At Staples."


"They're holding my notebook for me."

"Oh." Mrs. Tutlone stared at Tyler ironically. "And your signed paper? They have that as well?"

"Ah, no…my sister used it?"

"I asked you a question. I want it answered, and not with another question."

"Oh…well, you see, our house is under construction right now, and all we have is an outhouse for a restroom. Well, as you can imagine, we ran out of toilet paper, and my sister really had to go, so I gave her this piece of paper. I didn't realize it was homework."

Mrs. Tutlone gave her an appalled look. "That was the worst lie I've ever heard in my history of teaching. Next time I suggest telling me you forgot to get it signed and could you please have another day."

"Hey, it was inventive!" Tyler smiled sweetly.

"Yo, Texan! Shut up and ask for an extra day!" one classmate yelled across the room.

Tyler grinned at him. "I'm good."

She got up and walked to the teacher's desk, where a pile of the papers was sitting. She grabbed one, sat down at her desk, and promptly signed her mom's name. She looked back up at Mrs. Tutlone, who was busy reprimanding the student who had yelled and raised her hand.

"Yes, Tyler?"

"I have it."

"I thought your sister used it for toilet paper."

"I though you said that was a lie."

"Are you talking back to me?"

"Well, I'm talking to you, and answering questions you sent towards me, so yes, I believe so."

"Are you familiar with detentions?"

"Ah, shit!" Tyler quickly remembered that she was supposed to be in her psychotic homeroom teacher's classroom in the mornings. She had missed this morning, and knew there would be hell to pay.

"That just insured that you will be familiar with detentions, Ms. Rose," Mrs. Tutlone snapped. "Tomorrow morning."

"I'm busy."

"Excuse me."

"Psychopath Lyveski already gave me a detention tomorrow morning."

"I see. Well then, come to my room at seven in the morning next Monday and Tuesday."


Tyler sighed and sat back in her chair. Mrs. Tutlone, whom she had already decided she hated, asked for the papers passed forward, and she shoved hers into the back of 'Fatass's' head. The girl grunted and turned to stare at Tyler with a scowl.

"Yes?" she rasped.

"Take the damn paper!"

"Make me."

Tyler sighed and walked up to the next person. She gave them the paper and walked back to her desk, avoiding the leg 'Fatass' had thrown out to trip her. Growling under her breath, Tyler suffered through the rest of Algebra 2 and practically rushed for the door to go to fourth period P.E.

She dressed out quickly in the stupid shorts and over-large shirt and went to the gym, where most of the other students in the three classes had accumulated. She strode over to Otalk's area and sat down on one of the gym bleachers, her eyes looking down at the floor.

The second bell rang and the teachers came in the gym. Quickly the juniors and seniors settled and gazed at the P.E. teachers. Tyler had already found out that the P.E. teachers were the best teachers in the school, pretty much down to earth and easy-going people.

Mr. Otalk came up and called roll quickly. When he was done, he looked around at the silent class with a smile. "Alright, like yesterday. Two choices: you can either hang out with friends and talk, or go beat each other with the foam balls in the dodge ball came on the gym floor."

It was obvious what the majority of each gender was going to do. The girls stayed and talked while the guys were overjoyed to have reasons to beat the shit out of each other. Almost better than football, Tyler thought wryly as she watched one guys nail another on the opposite team in the head with one of the balls. Instead of running with a gayass ball, you get to hurl it at one another.

As she watched, she leaned back and closed her eyes tiredly. School was almost too much to bear, and having no Jules to talk to made it ten times worse. Sighing, she yelped as a ball came flying at her and hit her with a stinging sensation on her forehead. Glaring around, she looked for the culprit. He wasn't hard to find.

Aaron was standing at the foot of the bleachers, a grin in place as he watched Tyler stare around in anger. She stared at him for a moment and rolled her eyes, trying hard not to rub her throbbing head. She walked down to Aaron's level with a short smile that didn't quite reach her eyes.

"What did you mean by that?"

"I think the meaning was quite clear."


"There's something new," came Aaron's sarcastic reply.

Tyler glared at him before punching him on the shoulder and throwing the foam ball in his face. Well, at least he still has his car to find, she though happily as she sat back down and watched Aaron walk, laughing, back to the game. None of the teachers had seen their little 'brawl'.

"What were you doing with Aaron?" snapped an icy voice at her side.

Tyler jumped and turned to see a petite blonde with bright blue eyes. Talk about cliché. The hair is probably not the real and color and I bet she is wearing contacts. Tyler smiled at her. "Whatever do you mean, Dawling?"

The girl glared at her. "He's mine, you know."

"Oh, are you talking about Aaron?" Tyler answered with a small grin.


"I don't care about him."

"You touched him."

How can someone be so stupid? "That's called a punch, Honey. He pissed me off."

"You still touched him."

"Oh, wow, big deal."

"Stay away from him."

"I'm trying."

Tyler ducked as another ball came flying her way. She looked down at the insolent Aaron and smiled back. She threw the ball higher up the bleachers and continued talking to the mental, possessive girl in a lazy drawl.

"See, you just smiled at him," the girl whined.

"That doesn't mean I like him."

Tyler got up and moved away from the pouting girl and groaned under her breath. How could school get any worse?

In many ways. After almost dying in fifth period AP World History, Tyler wasn't looking forward to going into her French class. The day before had been an introduction to the class, but it had still been deathly boring. Sighing, she took her assigned seat and stared around the room at all the posters of places in France.

The second bell rang and the teacher looked over the assortment of students after about fifteen minutes of taking role on her computer. "Bonjour."

"Bonjour," the class chorused back. Tyler stayed silent.

Mrs. Shaologe stared around with a smile and pointed to the board, where a number poster was hung. Wow, amazing! Tyler thought derisively. I've always wanted to see numbers! Not that I don't everyday!

"Today, class, we shall learn a few numbers."

Tyler raised her hand; the devil in her roused. Mrs. Shaologe looked at her and pointed silently. Tyler smiled inwardly and coughed, preparing herself.

"I already know my numbers."

"Oh? Super! Would you care to recite them for the class?"

A few students muttered about 'showing off' and 'teacher's pet'. Tyler knew she was far from both of those, and smiled again after standing up. "I would love to."

""Wonderful. Up to dix, please."

"Sure, whatever," Tyler mumbled under her breath. "One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine-"

"Sit down!"

Tyler sat and looked around lazily. She caught the glances of a few disapproving students and smirked. One more detention probably. Well, at least it was entertaining… for me. Okay, it wasn't funny at all. Why am I such an idiot?

"Ms. Rose. I hear that you have had many detentions already," Mrs. Shaologe began, earning Tyler some mocking chuckles from the class. "So, just for a change, I'll give you one of these lovely, little, yellow slips."

Tyler gazed curiously at it. "I don't like yellow."

"Would you like two?"

"I would rather not have any."

"Too bad."

"I'm a good girl."

"If you continue to speak, you will have two."

"How 'bout three? Four! Maybe five. Am I special enough for five?"

"I don't know how school's are in Texas, Ms. Rose," Mrs. Shaologe began, hand shaking as she pointed a few fingers at Tyler, "but here we do not tolerate disrespect."

"Then you should give yourself one of those slips. You're being disrespectful."

"To whom, Ms. Rose?" Mrs. Shaologe answered stiffly.

"To me, of course!"

"Have you met Mr. Harld yet, Ms. Rose?"

Tyler stiffened. "That's the bastard that gave me anger management classes!"

Titters ran about the classroom at these words, though Tyler was oblivious to them. Mrs. Shaologe gave her a smile that looked something like grim triumph. "Then, Ms. Rose, you will surely know that he wouldn't like you to enter his office."

"Yeah, and…?"

"I will be sending you there if you say one more word."


"Because you are being disrespectful."


Mrs. Shaologe turned and looked over the rest of the class while Tyler cackled under her breath at having gotten out of detention, yellow slips, and meeting this ass, Mr. Harld. With these thoughts in mind, she looked up at the teacher, though her eyes were glazed with sleep.

"So," Mrs. Shaologe began. "Now that the disruption has been dealt with, we will start with numbers up to ten. Recite after me: zéro, une, deux, trois, quatre, cinq, six, sept, huit, neuf, dix."

The class recited dutifully, and Tyler opened her eyes at the new words and sounds. Argh, why French? Why couldn't there be a sleep period or something? Or couldn't I just leave? Anything but this hell. I must have been high when I signed up for this.

Mrs. Shaologe smiled over her class. "Très bien."

Tyler rolled her eyes. "Great, now the psychopath is speaking to us in an alien language." She sighed and closed her eyes, only to be roused rudely by the bell thirty minutes later, signaling that school was over. Thank goodness.

She quickly pulled her keys from her purse and walked to the parking lot, where a large crowd had accumulated. Grinning from ear to ear, Tyler pushed through them to see Aaron staring angrily at her car. When he lifted his head and saw her, his face became a beet red of fury.


"Yeah, Asshole?" Tyler replied sardonically, taking an arrogant pose. "What the hell are you doin' by my car?"

"I'm by your car 'cause you moved mine over there." He pointed angrily at his car.

Tyler smiled. "Yeah, I was quite happy with my handiwork. Look how far away I got it."

"Don't you play that with me," Aaron replied deeply, his eyes furious. "I only hit you with a foam ball."

"You think this is about that?" Tyler asked mockingly. "I moved your car way before that. The minute I got to school, actually."

"You bitch!"

"Thanks so much."

Tyler did a little bow, much to the amazement and humor of the large crowd. Aaron, who was not used to being made fun of, strode up to her with a scowl and grabbed her arm. Tyler quickly slapped him and pulled away.

"No contact, Asshole. This game ain't that crap."

"This is no game," Aaron replied with a steely glare. "This is revenge."

Tyler mocked him openly with a huge laugh. "Revenge? What movies have you been watching?"

Aaron glowered at her. "Let's just say you are screwed, Redneck."

"Sure, sure. I'll believe that when I see it."

Tyler gave him a cheery smile and walked over to her car, which she unlocked happily. She put the key in and honked once before exiting the lot through the entrance in style, giving Aaron the finger as she turned around the corner and drove towards home. Asshole.

Tyler was home quickly and in a rather pleased mood. Her eyes glinted devilishly as she hopped out of her car and pulled some random papers from her seat. Her mood was quickly dampened as she saw the first one. It was nothing more or less than the 'anger management' note that was supposed to be signed by tomorrow.

Sighing under her breath, Tyler locked her car and strode into her house. As she made to use the elevator, a high giggling met her ears. She hit the button, and the crappy contraction rattled its way down. The doors opened and Shelby saw her sister with her friend in it, pigging out on junk food and chugging down complete bowls of sugar.

"Yeah, maybe I should just walk away…?"

Shelby glared at her sister. "Go away."

Her sister's friend glared at Tyler as well. Tyler stared back at her, wondering what she had done this time to deserve such wicked stared from her sister's friends. Of course, her sister made up random things to tell her friends…. Did I chop off her frog's head last time, or was it putting maple syrup on her pillow? How does my sister think up such things? Maybe I should use them against her…or better yet, on Aaron!

"Uh, you are?" Tyler asked bluntly to Shelby's friend.

The girl glared at her. "You are an awful sister. I can't believe you tied your sister upside down from a tree and left her to hang there all day long."

Tyler stared at Shelby, who smirked in an almost self-satisfied sort of way. "Git you're as- eh…butt up from there and come to my room."

"You're not Mom."

"I know that, thank goodness. I need some…diabolical help, using big words."

"What's diabolical?"

"The same thing as dickhead."


"No, now come up to my room when your little friend leaves."

Shelby gave her a puzzled frown, never having been 'summoned' to her sister's room before. She stared at her gaping friend, who no doubt had caught the 'language' Tyler had used. Shelby allowed a smile to creep up on her face and left the elevator for a moment, leaving Tyler and her friend at a staring contest. The phone rang and seconds later, Shelby came back, breathless, carrying the phone.

"Your mom wants to talk to you!" She handed the phone to her friend, who took it slowly.

As Shelby smirked, her friend winced and held the receiver away from her ear, where a screaming voice could be heard. Finally, her friend muttered an 'okay' and hung up. She stared glumly at Shelby. "My mom's mad at me for some reason. I have to go home."

Shelby nodded slowly, feigning innocence. "I'll see you at school."

As her friend left, Tyler glanced at Shelby. "What was that for?"

Shelby smiled demonically. "I called her mom as school counselor and said her daughter had been caught bullying another student."

Tyler rolled her eyes. "How do you come up with stuff like that?"

"The internet."

"Oh, that's a real relief. Never-ending revenge ways…hey, that reminds me." Tyler smiled at Shelby, who stared back slowly. "I need your…help, you could say."

"Help?" Shelby asked, dubious. "You want my help?"

"Of course," Tyler answered agreeably. "There's this real, well, let's keep this PG. Hm, this real idiot at my school, and I need some sweet pranks to pull."

Shelby's eyes lit up. "I was just on this site before my friend came over!"

Tyler cocked an eyebrow. "And?"

"They had some interesting things. I mean, not the whole 'stick a sleeping person's hand in warm water and make them pee in their pants' sort of thing. Some really good ones."

"Go on," Tyler pressed, smile curving over her lips.

"Well, does he have a nice car?"

"Nothing less than the best," Tyler said bitterly.

"Oh, stop complaining. You like your car. Anyhow, is he attached to this car?"

"He was pissed when I hotwired it this morning and took it from my parking space and dropped it halfway across the lot."

"Nice," Shelby commented. "Well, how about some more car pranks?"


Shelby smirked. "Come up to my room, or yours. I'll tell you there. We can't be overheard."

Tyler grinned. "I'm beginning to like the sound of this."

Shelby smiled again. "One more thing: are there birds at your school?"

Everyone knew of the gross population of seagulls, flying rats, nothing better. "Yeah, hundreds."

"Then you'll love this prank. Nothing unique, but it's got a wicked outcome."

Shelby proceeded to hit the 'close' button on the elevator and they rattled their way up to the top floor of their house….

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