How could I have known?

Even when you dragged me in.

I put trust in you.

How could I have known?

I admired you- trusted you.

A fatal mistake.

Your cold frigid hands

Mercilessly over me.

Ignoring my fear.

You read expressions-

Look of horror, of terror.

Showing on my face.

You flashed that cold smile.

Taking pleasure in my pain.

Unbearable pain.

You hurt more than knives,

Till I wished I could just die.

The work of Satan.

Burning- cold as ice.

Eating away my insides.

Ripping me apart.

Took it all away.

You took my virginity.

My security.

Scarred for life

On that unforgettable

Night I'll regret.

All because of you.

My fears confirmed- HIV.

I'll breathe my last soon.

Die! Be damned in hell!

'Cause of you, I'll never see

My baby grow up.

Xx Suga CraZie xX