Blood Shed for Another (Title subject to change at a later time)


Author's Note: This is my newest story. I got the idea over Halloween for it and was happy to work on some more writing. This story will be different than most of my others. My good friend Ashley helped me develop the main plot ideas so I would like to thank her. Also much thanks to Nikki for helping me improve this prologue. And to Becca for being the critic that she is, if she weren't I would have posted an immature version of this chapter.

I'm sorry to all those who have been expecting an update on 'Blades' it is coming. It's not that I have writer's block, it's is just that I don't think I've really felt inspired to work on it. I promise updates will come soon. I just need that right idea and thought to get me going again.

Also this story will not mention god or the devil. I've created, as you will read later, a Court of Angels and Council of Demons. I am honestly agnostic and I did not wish to offend anyone or write about something I don't have strong beliefs in. If I still have managed to offend you, I do apologize it was not my intent.

"Traitor! He should be banished!"

"His actions are an insult to this Court!"

Two long tables were set up for the members of the Court of Angels with one thrown like chair between them. Everything was prepared for the upcoming trial. The Judge, the most important member of the Court, sat in that seat. He was outlined by a certain glowing radiance. His seat was at the head of Court so every angel could feel his importance.

Such higher beings looked down on most, but the angels held a special distaste for Raiden. They had always known he was different. Even when he was younger, Raiden would go off alone and look at the mortals with wonderment. Something about perfection just wasn't good enough for him. The shining sun and the warmth of their Heaven could never do it for such a restless soul. Each angel also had separate reasons for frowning upon the loner who had turned bad. However, they entirely agreed that his presence in their home was some sort of mishap.

One of the angels hushed the crowd as the Court prepared to start. He was older than most and had never gained much significance in the crowd of stunning individuals that surrounded him. His shoulders were slumped and his wings seemed to hold him down with the weight of age. Nevertheless, the angels quieted not because of respect but in mere anticipation about the upcoming trial, after all both mortals and immortals love a good controversy.

"Would the defendant please enter," the Judge called.

A young angel of about 150 walked into the room followed by two guards. Both guards puffed out their broad chests and fluttered their wings to try and catch a few women's straying glances. Yet, all the female attention was directed to the defendant, Raiden, the minute he tossed a few of his black tendrils and winked at one woman he had previous relations with. He was dressed in a soft white shirt and pants. These clothes only accentuated his dark hair and eyes. His features were so different from the group who mainly consisted of blue eyed, blondes.

"It's him," one woman whispered.

"Look how he stands," another added, "he's not afraid."

"It makes him so mysterious, so dreamy," a third woman commented as she brushed her long gold tresses away from her face, so her full beauty could be seen by the entering angel.

Raiden flashed them another smile as he stretched his beautiful white wings and flexed his arms. Another woman who only a moment ago had, had more self control gave in, and let out a wistful sigh. Women always appreciated a dangerous rebel. Despite his differences from the rest of the angel population, he still possessed their grace and good looks. Raiden's black hair fell into deep green eyes and if you looked at the black locks from the right angle silver strands could be seen. He was built lean and tall, a body that would stand out in any crowd: mortal or angel. Even though he was not quite as self important as the other angels he still carried himself with dignity and class. Raiden was of a higher race and knew it.

Raiden could tell from their eyes what the members of the Court were thinking and it was useless to try and convince them that he was innocent, because honestly he wasn't innocent and didn't give a shit. He wanted to get out of this so called paradise as fast as possible. There were cities and excitement on Earth. People committed crimes and it was normal. That was the place he wanted to live. A place where he could be free from the refinement expected of him. Being able to look down into the lives of mortals was quite a privilege, but all he wanted was to be one of them, to live with no cares. He knew a mortal life was stereotyped in his strict ruled heavenly surroundings, but he still yearned for it more than anything.

This time Raiden finally had committed the perfect crime that would get him tossed out of heaven and turned into a mortal.

"Raiden, we have given you countless chances, but this is unforgivable. You've been distributing weapons to The Council of Demons and acting as an informant for them. You've had the easiest responsibilities and you couldn't even handle them. There was no reason for these actions. This court can not let treason go overlooked. We're getting constant threats from the demons and here you are helping them. Have some sense, Raiden!"

Raiden blew a strand of black hair out of his face as he listened to the Judge's booming, distant voice drone. It's not like he cared about The Council or The Court. This war between the angels and demons had been going on for ages. Nothing of serious consequence had happened in the war for centuries. No wonder there had been no new developments, the demons had definite disadvantages, it was only fair that he gave them a little more of a fighting chance. Who knows, it might actually add some more excitement to this dreary existence.

"Are you ready to hear your sentence?"

"Of course!" 'A mortal finally!' Raiden thought.

Raiden displayed an unnatural amount of enthusiasm for someone about to hear their punishment. The angels knew quite well what he was expecting, but it wasn't going to come. Losing immortality could be a punishment for some, but it was all too obvious that it would be a reward for this radical.

"You will descend to Earth," a flicker of joy went from the tip of Raiden's wings to his heart. "But," that flicker suddenly disappeared, "You will remain a winged being. Just a Fallen Angel."

A new spark went up Raiden's wings. This one suddenly turned the once glistening white wings black as it traveled through them. "What?!" Raiden gasped as he touched one of the new black feathers. This wasn't part of the deal. There weren't that many fallen angels in the world. He would be the only one for thousands of miles!

"This is unjust!" Raiden yelled up at the now slightly imposing figures. He never knew they could do something like this to him. He didn't want to beg, but his choices were looking slim.

"Your actions were unjust!" one of the elders called back. The others nodded in unison.

"They were no worse than others! Crimes go unpunished here all the time! That woman there," Raiden pointed his finger at one of the blonde beauties bathed in light. "Shit what's her name," Raiden paused before he spoke again, "Well anyways, she has promised herself to one of those men," Raiden waved his arm in the direction of some of the more robust and manly angels. "Four days ago she tried to seduce me, being the kind gentleman I am, I turned her away, but she was willing to bed herself with me that very night."

"This is no time for accusations," the Judge started, but was abruptly interrupted by the aforementioned woman.

"You bastard! You didn't deny yourself to me at all! That was a wonderful night! I can't believe you'd lie!"

Gasps filled the room and the blonde's true lover stormed out of the area.

"Enough!" one of the guards called as he forced Raiden on to his knees. "The Judge has not finished. You will remain silent and not cause another outburst."

Raiden made a face, an immature gesture, but all the same it still was a show of mockery towards the obnoxious man who had brought the court's attention back to Raiden.

The judge ignored Raiden as he finished his sentencing, "If you are going to remain undecided on the matter of who you want to serve you can go live on Earth. Yet you shall remain bound to the Court and don't think we won't check up on you every now and again. If you commit an act of repentance that we judge commendable, we shall wipe the punishment away and give you other options."

"Fantastic," Raiden muttered under his breath in a sarcastic tone.

"What was that?" the Judge inquired with an arched, quite furry, gray eyebrow.

"Oh nothing."

"That's what I thought," the Judge looked down at him with a smug look, "Anyways we have provided an apartment for you in New York City as well as some cash to get you started," the Judge handed Raiden what he needed, "Now leave our sight."

Raiden turned and headed to the edge of the so-called paradise to begin his descent to Earth. The new black wings flapped in the breeze. They were just as powerful as his old ones, but they were different. Maybe he would grow to like them after all. These wings were more suited for his personality anyways. Not that he could let a mortal see them that would only lead to more punishment. Raiden had wanted mortality and instead he received the curse of immortality in a mortal world.

When he landed in a hidden dimly lit part of Central Park, Raiden let his wings disappear into his back. The shadows reflected off the newly reborn being that was now a creature of those shadows.