The woods were eerily quiet. No animal stirred, the birds were silent, the wind did not blow it's gentle melodies through the trees, and even the mighty ocean seemed to hold it's breath. The only sound was the soft thud of a lone hunter's feet.

Hard dirt gave way to sand as the path spilled out into a small cove, rocks and boulders stood at imposing heights and a chill ran down the hunters back, it felt as if they were watching him. Slowly the hunter made his way across the cove. It was dark, unlike the filtered sunlight of the forest, the cove was completely cast in shadow, as if a storm had just taken place, or was about to. The hunter's footsteps faltered before quickening their pace. A small groan broke the silence and the hunter spun around, his bow at the ready, but there was nothing there. He looked around carefully and spotted a small patch of blue against the sand. Slowly he walked over and behind a large boulder lay a girl. The hunter dropped his bow and quickly knelt beside her. A small scarlet puddle had pooled beneath her head and a jagged gash ran along her skull and down the side of her face, ending in a curl just below her eye. She couldn't have been more then ten years old. Wrapped around her petite frame were yards of fabric all in different blues and greens. Together, the fabrics made an elegant dress with colors that melded together like the sea. Long black hair tinted with blue framed a honey colored face. Silver jewelry heavily adorned her arms and neck, with the occasional precious jewel winking through. But it was the circlet around the girl's head that caught the hunter's attention. Hanging from a thin silver chain so that it rested gently on her brow was the most magnificent stone the hunter had ever seen. It was made of different blues and greens that shifted and moved like ocean waves, and the longer you looked at it the deeper it drew you in, like a whirlpool, until you were drowning in a swirling current of every color imaginable.

The girl groaned again and the hunter tore his gaze away from the stone and back to her face. There should have been innocence there, she was after all just a child but any air of innocence that might have been was shattered by something else. The hunter shifted uncomfortably, this girl, this child, breathed power, it hit him like a tidal wave and he shuddered. Bracing himself he muttered "She is only a child" before gathering her up in his arms, and beginning to head back down the path he had first came from. This was a matter for the King.

Authors Note: Okay lets see if I have any clue what I'm doing! Both in writing and in posting. This is the first story I have EVER shared so be gentle, but be honest too! If it sucks tell me please so I can work to improve it, and I'm sorry for any mistakes I'm a bit grammar and computer challenged which together is probably a bad combination..

A/N Part 2: I don't know if this is exactly necessary to say but everything you see from this point on (That would be the whole story...) is a new, re-vamped version of this (fledgling) story, hopefully it flows, sounds better. For those who already read it, again I am so sorry, for those who haven't...enjoy.