Chapter One

Running through the dark forest, we try to find food and try to get away from the creatures with two legs. They take our food and try to capture us. We don't know what they do, but we do know this, those that were captured were never seen again. The pack is dying and only a few of us remain. The leader, Oma, is young and naïve. We tell him that we should leave the forest to find a new home, but he always says no. I don't have the slightest clue to why he says that.

After running, which felt like hours, we stop to take a small break at the water hole. I go to take a long drink. In the water, I can see my reflection. I see my amber eyes and my beautiful orange coat with unique black stripes.

One time, when I was a small cub, I was stupid to go near a pack of the two feet creatures. I did that because my brother dared me to. I saw a terrible sight that day. Luca's beautiful coat was splattered with blood and hanging from a tree. Luca was the eldest female and was respected by the whole pack.

"Katana," someone said to me. I turned away from the water and saw that it was my sister, Nala. (A/N: they are talking "Tiger talk" just in case you were wondering.)

"Yes," I said.

"I'm hungry and I'm tired of all this running," Nala said sadly.

"I think all of us are," I replied.

Suddenly, everyone tensed. The air smelled like those creatures.

"What do we do," whispered Nala.

"Get ready," yelled Oma from somewhere.

A few creatures came out of the bushes. Some of them were holding a bright light while others were holding long, sharp pointed objects.

"Leave now," growled Oma.

They just kept coming closer.

"Everyone run," yelled Oma.

Everyone ran into different directions. I ran towards a creature and pounced on him. I dug my nails into his chest and bared my teeth at him. Suddenly, I cried out in pain as I felt something sharp hitting my stomach. The smell of blood filled the air. I quickly jumped off of the creature and ran.

I kept running and running, never looking back. My stomach hurt so badly, but I ignored the pain. After running for a while, I started to slow down. Then I heard something crack and I was trapped in ropes and hanging high in the air. Is this the end for me?