Death into Life

Duenna condemns me with her copper eyes

Letting me know that she sees through my lies.

I know that I'm no longer part of my band

For I have been changed by a vampire's hand.

A traitor I am and a traitor I'll stay

And I'll have to deal with that each single day.

But the love in his eyes reminds me again

To look where you're going and not where you've been.

For I've found new new wings and I'm learnin' to fly

And I've noticed that life doesn't end when you die.

I'm finding love, thought I still have my fears;

I know joy, I know laughter… but I also know tears.

AN - this still feels very unfinished to me. If anyone (esp. Toireasa, who seems to like these characters, can give me a clue how to end it, that would be so wonderful...)