Gilbert and the Sapphire Cell City

By: Erica Beth and Audrey Byrne

Once upon a time there was a mighty kingdom, named Sapphire Cell City. This city was under a revolution called the Brownian movement where the molecular subjects were randomly moving.

This process of diffusion caused the concentration gradient to sky rocket, for an all time high last reached during the reign of King Tim Nucleolus. The city wall had begun breaking down due to a hypertonic solution causing osmosis. Soon particles started flooding in! Cell City was overcrowded! They needed a hypotonic solution fast, to get that concentration gradient down!

It was up to a little molecule named Gilbert to find the mythical chemical Z, the isotonic solution that would even out the concentration gradient. So, little Gilbert took the carrier proteins out of the city to find chemical Z. Once out of the cell, he made his way south towards the Electron River of Doom. dun dun dun! As he was doing a little pinocytosis, and taking a drink of water, a witch molecule came upon him. Her name…John Z! AHH! She was in fact the mythical chemical Z, and Gilbert knew that he must get her back to Sapphire Cell city to save his homeland.

"Chemical Z, come with me and save my homeland!" cried little Gilbert.

"Oh you little phagocytosis, what is this nonsense you speak of?" She answered angrily.

Gilbert gasped at the name she had called him, for everyone knew that phagocytosis was a nasty term for "large particles." So he explained his story and she finally agreed to help.

Quickly they made their way to the active transport pump that would zip them into the city. Once at the pump, they found an ion named Potassium that agreed to carry them through the pumps, then into Sapphire Cell City.

They finally reached the city, thanking Potassium the Ion (for manner are important, always use them), they made their way to the center of the city. Already molecules were fleeing the city from the sight of chemical Z. The concentration gradient had gone down…Gilbert had succeeded!

So then, Chemical Z returned home, Gilbert married a nice little molecule named Sally, and everyone of course lived happily ever after.

The End