Pristine mountain peaks
Chilled streams falling from the sky
Spattering on ice
And the rabbit foolishly gives in
He burrows deep beneath, asleep
New and old footprints
Snowflakes, too many to count
All the world is white
Lilies perched upon the snow
Summer seems to long ago

While green nature sleeps
Below, secret caverns lie
Cold breezes feel nice
Fossils regain childish grins
While fierce grizzlies count their sheep
Collection of mints
Everything, the snow surmounts
Everything is right
White fluff is falling so slow
Breathe; the air shows your echo

Quintessence of pure
A blank canvas to paint on
A white tsunami
Drifting, sifting, endlessly
Snow is God's baby powder

Thanks for Living on Dreams (aka Missa-chan) for trying to help me with the 11th line! That was a toughie. XP I still don't like it...