Typed this up while listening to "Lose Yourself" and "Can't Hold Us Down", heh… No relevance to the poem, though.

"Sin" is the name given to the abuser, just so you know. I thought it gave it a dramatic effect.

Rancor starts seething
Envy gestates overnight
Fiercest fury forms

Never sleeping out of fear
"Swathed in hopelessness," said Sin.

Thin switch held firmly
Iced, sheltered from any love
Callous, stone-wrought eyes

Persuasions dull to pleading
Paralyzed by eye so grim

Weak minds start bleeding
Telling themselves they are right
Reason starts to rot

Petrified whenSin comes near
Chagrin comes to call often

So mercilessly
Blows likening from above
Impervious to cries

The sharp pain, never fading
Until everything is dim

Terror & Hatred
Instilled in one final blow
The only difference:

One is making blood flow and
The other is letting it.